Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Want

It's Friday so I'm linking up with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. We get to write for five minutes flat and our word for this week is ...WANT.


When I consider my wants, the list is endless.

I want:

  • No worries
  • No problems
  • World peace
  • More time with family
  • Publish a book that will help others
  • Be in the best shape
  • Travel all over the world
  • Walk on the beach
  • Great health; no aches and pains
  • Great relationships with family and friends
  • Become a better photographer
  • More time to write
  • Become a better teacher
  • Be more patient with others
But my time is limited on this earth. This is reality.

I often pray for all my troubles to go away. I remember something that Lysa TerKeurst said to me a few years ago at a conference. I had to write it down as I knew it was something I needed to hear and absorb.

Sometimes it is in the mundane every day occurrences, I find my wants are overshadowed by my blessings.

As I listen to the little children in my Mini-Mustang class, I learn patience. I glance at Miss Patricia and we smile knowingly. Three year old Avery is hugging another student and giving him a high five for doing something good.

I don't want to focus so much on my list of wants that I miss out on the blessings of this day.


Blessings and love,

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Christina Hubbard - Creative and Free said...

Hi, Debbie, I love your list of wants. (mine are similar). But the reality of life prevents us. Don't you just hate that? That quote is just perfect. Yes, the mundane shows me too that blessings are to be found in the seemingly small, which often turn out to be the most important, ironically. Thank you for your thoughtful post. In the spot right after you at FMF this week.

Carly said...

Great post. It is easy to get caught up in our wants but so important not to lose sight of the blessings. Visiting from FMF (#44)

Kathleen said...

Encouraging to know that God is developing my character to match my calling. Loved your list of wants. I might also add that I want certain loved ones to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Lea said...

Good list of wants and love the quote by Lysa. I assume you know that Lysa had major emergency surgery yesterday. Someone posted it on FB earlier today.

BARBIE said...

I enjoyed reading your list of wants. I want for many of the same things.

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