Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Grace

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with The Gypsy Mama.  We receive a one word writing prompt and get to write for five minutes flat.  Our word for this week is: GRACE.


Although I like things to be perfect, they never are.  I can plan all I like and inevitably something unexpected happens.  Working with little children teaches me much about God's grace.

I love to take photos.  My camera is always close by my side.  There are times when I want the perfect shot but the little ones don't always cooperate.  Shoes fall off, fingers start picking noses, tears begin to fall.

It causes me to ponder how the Lord sees His children. I don't always cooperate. Instead of obeying, I delay. I consider my own plans instead of His plans for me.

There's no hope for me.

But then I remember God's grace and mercy.  I can't do anything to earn it.  But I can accept it and be grateful for it.


Blessings and love,

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myinkdance said...

Great reminder to see the picture as God does! Stopped by from fmf!

Boni Lady said...

So glad that God sees us through His eyes of love- regardless of what we do! I love HIS grace!!

Dropping by from FMF- Blessings :)

Laura Moody said...

Wonderful reminder to accept the 'less than perfect' and see the beauty in what we have!
Stopped by from FMF

Kimberly A Edwards said...


I love how God uses you and your school kids to remind us of who and what we are in Him! Happy Friday!

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Debby
Oh, dear friend, everything you do is holy and beautiful to your God because you are His child and you look up to Jesus to live His life in and through you. Yes, His grace makes the most mundane tasks holy and the whole world a sanctuary.
Blessings XX

Debbie said...

GRACE....Don't you just love it? Whatever would we do without it? Enjoy your week-end Debbie!

Lea said...

Oh, so thankful for His grace.......can't imagine where I'd be without it. Always enjoy your 5- minute Friday posts. Happy weekend Debbie! Oh, I see you used a Billy Graham quote. You know he will be on TV next Thursday night with one last message for our country. What a man!

david edwards said...

brings to mind the Hymn - Trust and Obey - one of my favorites. Thanks for the message Debbie, it helped this morniings focus = Him! Peace and Prayers

RCUBEs said...

What are we to do without His grace? At work, many times, a lot of situations among those patients I serve can cause me to become impatient and lose temper. Then, I always remember His grace I received...His unconditional love. Then I end up realizing, I can't do my work without His grace. anything I do...Have a great weekend sister Debbie and may you always be strong in His power.

Sonja Goodson said...

Timely word choice today... I'm reading 'What's so Amazing about Grace?" right now, and I am blown away, one more time, by the miracle that is ours because of God's grace, every single hour of every day!! :)

Laurie said...

His grace amazes me, over and over, reminding me of His great love. I am so grateful, so full of love for Him. Thank you for this,dear Debbie.

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie. My Mother's saying, when I asked, what is the best word in our Bible, "Grace....Grace over Grace." By grace we are saved, by grace we shall finish the earthly race. "My grace is enough", says the Lord. Have a blessed Sunday.

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