Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Begin With the End in Mind

Begin with the end in mind.  That's what I heard during Professional Development Day yesterday at school. Teachers were discussing 21st Century learning. Phrases like critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity were used.  What do teachers want the end product to look like?  Take backward steps to get there.

As I soaked in this knowledge, I thought it could also be applied to weight loss and incorporating a more healthy lifestyle.  Begin with the end in mind.

What do I want the end result to look like?

Well, if I'm honest I wouldn't mind if the end result looked something like this. After all, Denise Austin is only a couple of years younger than me.  I may never end up looking like this fitness guru but I can set some realistic goals along with my idea of what my end product will look like.  

I need to use my creativity to come up with a plan that works for me.  There are a few obstacles I need to overcome:
  • Working full time
  • Working with 3-4 year old children all day long
  • Fatigue at the end of the day
  • Limited time
  • Desire to spend time doing other things
I need to collaborate:
  • My buddies in our private Facebook group have been so helpful
  • Sharing healthy recipes with others
  • Finding out what's working for others with the same goal
  • Generating ideas to make working out fun
I use critical thinking skills to solve problems I encounter in my journey to losing weight and establishing a more healthy lifestyle.

I communicate with others as I strive to reach my goal.  Believe me, writing a weekly blog post about my progress helps to keep me accountable.  Sharing the end result I desire with those who often influence my decision making helps too. 

Even though my end result may not look like Denise Austin, I have to say that I do like her hair style.  :)

In the meantime, I need to get on that treadmill before it's time to get ready for work.  How about you? Do you have a picture in your mind of what your end result will look like?  

Don't forget to begin with the end in mind.

I'm linking up with Kim of Just for Clicks for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Blessings and love,

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Kim | Just For Clicks Blog said...

LOVE this! Great perspective. Love the concept of starting with the end in mind. When I finally realized my goal wasn't a SIZE but more just being happy with a balance of being healthy and enjoying life... that's when I felt I could do this long term. LOVE love how you broke this all down.... Gonna do this myself to help with my goals. Thanks for linking up Friend!!!!

Sonja Goodson said...

Keeping the end result in mind... it's one of my tricks too Debbie. Denise has done it, hasn't she? Not only does she look amazing... I l.o.v.e. her hair!! I am a blonde with swinging hair... in my mind! :)

Debbie said...

Well I have begun AGAIN on the journey to a healthier me. I hate to admit it in some ways as I have failed so often. But one step and day at a time is all I can do. And yes, my "END" is definitely in my mind. My appointment to see about replacing my knees is Tues. I am excited and scared at the same time. I have to replace them however if I am ever going to be able to walk around let alone run around to get more healthy. I did treadmills for years! Believe it or not I actually miss it...Keep going Deb I am cheering from the side lines. oh, and I love love love that hair do! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

I love this Debbie, thanks! I'm thinking I'll post a picture on the fridge of me when I get these 10 lb back off. Probably won't post my before picture from 40 lb ago, that's just not pleasant to look at every day. :). But that way I'll keep the end goal in mind, which should help me continue to make healthy choices to stay that way.

Susan Stilwell said...

Having a goal is such a powerful thing to help us focus. I'm with you, Debbie-- I'd love to look like Denise Austin! Praying you keep that end in sight and press on!

Joy said...

Nice tips. I only need the will and determination:)

Lea said...

Begin with the end in mind, I really like that and think we could apply that to a lot of things in life. Oh, yes, Denise Austin is the bomb! You hang in there girl, you are looking good!

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