Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Here

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with The Gypsy Mama.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word as a writing prompt each week and we get to write for five minutes flat.  Our word for today is: HERE.


Here I am.  I spend hours here.  I read.  I write.  I study.  I pray. The hours slip by all too quickly.  I long to spend even more time writing from my heart.  But I must leave to go to work, to do errands, to visit, to live my life.

This wasn't the here I imagined I'd be at this point in my life.  In fact, parts of me just want to cry out that it isn't fair.

But then I remember that life isn't always fair or easy.  I am not entitled.  I have lessons to learn, a faith to be lived out in the real world of hurts and disappointments.

So I cherish the happy moments.  I am thankful for what I have.  I seek out those every day blessings.

Here is the life I've been given. I may not get to choose all of the circumstances in my life.  But I do have a choice in how I respond.

So I continue to read, write, study, pray and live my life by faith in God who loves me and cares about me.


Blessings and love,

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Amy said...

In my here God is also teaching my to responed not to react. Thanks for sharing

Debbie said...

Your soo right. So many of us would not have CHOSEN some of our "here's"...and yet, we DO chose what really matters. Our God, and our thankfulness! Have a good day Deb!

david edwards said...

From here I read your blog, the Peregrine (Wanderer) in me takes my thoughts to another place and time. There, I get to love those as their memory gives me joy, and I ponder more about the gifts given me by knowing them. From here, I give thanks for all of them as I experience the joy and then, opening my eyes - it is plain see, I am here.

Denise said...

Thanks for being here, and being beautiful.

RCUBEs said...

It is not easy to be in a place where it's not comfortable for us...The "here" that we wish to avoid...But because of that place, I know God has better plans when I can't see them myself. Most especially, to take me away from that place that I would otherwise love to stay...The comfort zones...It hurts but what "joy" we have when we know that He is there in the "here" place no matter what. I love your cozy corner...Have a great weekend sister.

Brenda said...

Great post. I can so relate to how you are feeling. But God is awesome and continually reminds me why my here is what it is right now! He

Jerralea said...

I relate to here not being where I thought I would be at this point in my life. But you said it so well: "Here is the life I've been given. I may not get to choose all of the circumstances in my life. But I do have a choice in how I respond."

It's key how we respond. I think you are doing a great job!

Cynthia S. said...

Debbie, I totally understand your feelings. But, look at it another way: What if you planned everything and knew exactly what you were going to do and you were exactly where you planned to be...and, it turned out not to be as wonderful and soul-pleasing as you had planned? Now, that would be something to grapple with! Plans gone right and still not happy. Yep! Be glad you are in the place your are. You and I have work to do for the Lord. The road may not be easy, but it is definitely passable while holding His hand. Blessings and love. ~Cynthia

BARBIE said...

I am so thankful that you are here, and that I get to be here with you! Your words are beautiful, as are you!

eph2810 said...

Powerful message, Debbie. Yes, it is true, we can make the choice to live the life we are giving with our head held high. We are HIS children.

myletterstoemily said...

what a great idea for a party . . . to show where
we pray and study!

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Am I a kid or what?

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