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A Lesson From American Idol

I learned a lesson from the TV show American Idol.

What did I learn?  After all, I'm not a singer.  Yes, I do sing with our Pre-K 3 class but I don't think that counts.  :)

Photo Credit: American Idol
I wish the show was called something other than American Idol. When I think of an idol, it's not a good thing.  But I notice there are many Christian singers who are contestants on the show.  Many churches have amazing singers.

Angie Miller is one of the contestants this season.  In fact, she's currently in the top five.  And they are all women!  I don't know if she will win but she does have a beautiful voice.

As the contestants learn and grow they are given advice from many professionals in the industry.  I'm sure it must be overwhelming at times to put that advice into practice.  And all of this in front of millions of TV viewers who are voting.  How do you please everyone?

You don't and you can't please everyone.  Angie Miller is a good example of this.  She had some amazing performances.  But then she began to try to show another side of herself to the judges and audience.  She dressed more seductively and sang songs that were more fun.  But it didn't seem to work for her.

One of the assignments last week was for each contestant to sing a song they wished they had written.  Angie choose Kari Jobe's song "Love Came Down".  She played the piano and sang from her heart. And the judges and audience loved it, including me.  See for yourself.

Angie Miller's Anointed Performance of a Kari Jobe Song on American Idol from theremix on GodTube.

So what did I learn from this?

Know who you are.

Stay true to who you are.

I can apply this lesson to my writing.  Sometimes I try to please everyone.  Yeah, like that works.  No way!

I have to be true to who I am and write from my heart.  Not everyone will want to read what I write.  Not everyone will agree with what I write.

If God has given me a message to share I want to be obedient even if nobody chooses to listen.

I'm linking up with Charlotte for Spiritual Sundays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I saw Angie's performance as well and it soo blessed me. The difference of course was she sang it right from her heart. She was caught up in the worship of her God and it showed. Her voice is good, but she doesn't "feel" it unless she is singing to Him. She should stick with it.

    I know what you mean about your writing. I have thought it before about mine. Some of these bloggers have SUCH a following, where mine is small and not consistent, haha. But I am like you...I just sit down and write from my heart. I am writing these as journals for my kids and grandkids anyway, and I have no problem understanding why my day to day happenings are not to riveting, lol. You DO have GOOD messages to share, and I for one am thankful you are obedient! Enjoy your day!

  2. Excellent post Debbie.....God had a plan for us from the beginning and when we veer off the path He has chosen, we loose ourselves. But in desiring acceptance and love from others, so many times we do veer off only to find Him wooing us back to Himself and the individual He has created us to be....

    I think at one time or another we have all struggled with this issue in blogland but I am learning that if I am not true to myself then they are not getting an honest view of me. So do we want a genuine connection from others or just more numbers on our sidebar....?

    I have to tell you Debbie, your posts are thought provoking and always point to the Father....Thank you so much for that....

  3. I totally agree Debbie! We have to be true to who we are in Christ...and let our lights shine for Him! :) Good post!

  4. A great lesson! It is so important to stay true to who we are and how God made us!

    blessings, Joan

  5. Debbie, I have never watched 'American Idol', but I know that some contestants have receive deals from Christian producers to share their music.

    I so agree with you: we need to sing or write what is on our hearts. We can't pretend to be someone else. God made us all unique. I love your writings and I always appreciate the wisdom your share.

    Love & peace,

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Debbie! As soon as I saw that Kari Jobe album cover come up, I knew we were in for a great performance! And I loved Angie's shout-out performance to our sweet Colton Dixon a couple of weeks ago. Angie ROCKS!

  7. How beautiful. It is so true. We need to be true to ourselves, and especially true to God. Thanks for sharing this, Debbie. You are an inspiration.


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