Friday, April 3, 2009

Fitness Friday ~ Mandisa

Today is once again Fitness Friday. Over at Sandy's blog God Speaks Today, she'll be sharing the story of Lisa Shaw, one of our blogging friends who lost LOTS of weight.

I think it's good to find out how people have been successful at accomplishing their goals. Lisa is a great example of that! I've only recently come to know her but I can tell you that I'm growing to love her more with each and every encounter I've had with her in bloggy land. She's such an encourager and motivator. You've got to read her story on Sandy's blog.

So, to go along with the theme of success stories, I thought I would share the story of Mandisa.

I'm sure you remember her from Season 5 of American Idol. She was one of the final 10 contestants. During her audition for American Idol, she quickly advanced to the next round. But when she left the room, Simon made a very derogatory remark about her weight. Mandisa didn't hear the comment ...until it was broadcast on TV for millions to see and hear. She was devastated and humiliated.

But the next time she was in front of Simon, she told him she was very hurt but that she forgave him and the two hugged. Mandisa is a Christian woman who speaks the truth love.

Last November I was thrilled to attend the Women of Faith Conference. Mandisa was one of the speakers and she sang for us. She's beautiful both inside and out.

I took lots of photos and I was so fortunate to have a seat in the front row! Can you believe it? Thanks Marlene and Helen.

I recently read an article in Christianity Today about Mandisa's goal of losing 100 pounds. Her latest album is called Freedom. So far, she's lost 75 pounds and has changed her date to achieve this goal by April for the Dove Awards. Mandisa is so open and honest about her struggles. I'll let you listen to her as she shares from her heart. This video is only about 3 and a half minutes but well worth the time.

It's so wonderful for me to hear that she looks at this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. Because that's what I believe. Instead of thinking about all you can't eat, emphasize all the fruits and vegetables you can eat.

I love that Mandisa's new album is called Freedom. How wonderful to be free from bondage to emotional eating and food addictions. I love her music and voice. And I join in praying for this woman of God, that she will accomplish her goal and lose 100 pounds. I know she will inspire others to take their health seriously too.

I love examples like Mandisa. And I also love examples like Lisa Shaw. You'll have to hop over to visit Sandy so you can read about her story.
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BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Love this post!! I, too am working on weight loss with the same philosophy as Mandisa. Not easy, but definitely doable!! I have 40 to lose, and am on my way down!! I will go read Lisa's story!!

Blessings and joy to you!!

Letters From Midlife said...

I'm struggling a lot with my weight loss goals but I'm not one to give up. Thanks for the encouragment here. I'm going to check out Sandy's and Lisa's blogs...

Michele Williams said...

I have been at a stand still for almost three weeks... but I am not quitting! I've lost 45 pounds ... I have 185 pounds to go... a long way... but in God's strength I can do all things!

I love Lisa ...and Mandisa too...

God bless

Lori said...

Wow Debbie this is awesome!! She is so pretty!!

bp said...

Hi Debbie, I enjoyed your post on Mandisa. I agree, she's beautiful inside and out. It was inspirting to hear her last weekend. I bought the Freedom CD. The songs are WONDERFUL!!
Have a great weekend my friend!

Kikolani said...

That is a great way to look at it.. that's how I started to talk to people about vegetarianism. Instead of talking about the stuff I don't eat, I talk about the neat things I eat now that I would have never tried in my steak and shrimp days. Looking at things positively makes them all the easier to follow.

~ Kristi

Sarah said...

I love Mandisa! She's fabulous in every way. Great post - it went really well with Lisa's story today!

Laurie M. said...

Wow, I struggle with this issue. I hate the emphasis we all put on weight, yet maybe not for the reasons everyone else does (or maybe they are the same reasons). I've always been thin. Stress makes me thinner. I lose interest in food during traumatic circumstances and have experienced many of those. My problem is that during times of suffering, when I'm super thin, is when I'd get told how fantastic I looked (while I was dying inside!). Whenever I see these famous women show up on the magazine covers several months after a dreadful divorce with their new "single and sexy" look, I feel sick. I know why they look that way and it's not because they're healthy and happy. This idea that thin-ness equals happiness, and the social pressure to be skinny, burdens me with terrible stress when I put on any weight at all. (My husband has threatened to throw away the scale.) My mother still refers to the time when I weighed 128 as the time I had "a little weight problem". (That's just a few more pounds than I weigh now! Talk about pressure.) When I was down to 97 lbs after a family tragedy I was told how fantastic I looked.

I'm all for a good healthy lifestyle guided by moderation and self-control, and do not for a minute want to discourage anyone with a serious weight problem from making healthier choices, but I can tell you from long experience that a cute figure won't buy but an occasional moment's happiness. Never lose sight of the real goal - the only hope, which is in Christ. Thankfully He does not look at the outward appearance, but at the heart.

Thanks, Debbie, for always seeking to keep what is most important front and center.

Laurie M. said...

Good grief, girl! Sorry that was so long!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

The problem of weight is a big issue these days!!

Amydeanne said...

what an encouraging post! thanks for sharing it!

Beth in NC said...

Oh Debbie, what an awesome post! I am so glad Lisa was featured. She is such a sweetheart! And the Mandisa youtube was awesome! She is beautiful.

Girl, I've been rocking the Wave (the Firm workout). OUCH! Surely, I am going to see some results soon.

Bless you!

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing about Mandisa. I too was at WOF and she was fabulous.

I too need to lose some weight and am attempting to make those lifestyle changes. WOW - It is really hard when your life is as crazy as mine in just now.

I sure and praying and trusting God to help me make great choices. Love your Fitness Friday's!!

Blessings, Cindy

Debra said...


Thank you for stopping by and checking in on me. I'm so glad you posted about Mandisa. She is a precious sister.

When you get a moment ... stop by ... want you to know you have a 'fan'! tee hee

hk said...

This was very encouraging to me. Mandisa was so positive and realistic. I love the way she just reset her goal, did not abandon it.
You are always so insightful Debbie, many times hitting on just what I need to hear.

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Hi Debbie!

Just now getting around to reading this. Wonderful. I love AI, as you know. Mandisa rocks. Thanks for posting her story and for your continued support and participation in Fitness Friday.

Love you!

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