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The View Has It Wrong About Nurses

Last week I watched a video from the Miss America pageant. One of the contestants performed a monologue for her talent competition. She was dressed in scrubs with a stethoscope wrapped around her neck. I immediately recognized her as a nurse as she began to share. It was a very touching monologue as she works with Alzheimer's patients. Here is the video:

I posted the video on my Facebook page. After all, I'm a nurse.  I worked for 25 years as a cardiovascular nurse specialist. I know what it's like and I remember so many patients who impacted me greatly. I could share many stories of patients who reminded me of why I became a nurse. I could identify with what this nurse was saying.

But then ...the comments made by two of the hosts for The View have spread across social media. They ridiculed her 'talent' and questioned why a nurse would be wearing a stethoscope.

My niece Katie and I have been to The View in NYC. I got tickets so we could sit in the audience. But that was years ago when the talk show was hosted by people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Meredith Vieira and Barbara Walters. It's not the same any more.

I just want to say that nurses do wear stethoscopes! It's an important part of our job. 

Two nurses

Nurses rock!

I enjoyed Miss Colorado's monologue. What about you? What's your opinion?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. My opinion? Well, my life's been richer for NOT watching the View in like 20 years. Nurses do ROCK! My chemo nurse is the best ... Sarah.

  2. I watched the Miss America video a few days ago, and I thought she did such a nice job sharing about her passion of nursing. It is too bad that the women in The View are so sarcastic; it must have paid off for them in the past, but I understand they have lost sponsors now. I have never watched the show, but I do hope they change their "views".

  3. I didn't catch the contest and I have never watched the View. And now having seen that video I never will. How could they mock nursing or nurses? Don't ever remember seeing a nurse in a hospital without a stethoscopes! And let me just add this. As far as I am concerned it was the nurses in EVERY situation that I have even been hospitalized for, from having my babies to my double mastectomy and other surgeries, that had the power to make or break the experience for me. I have had SOOO many wonderful nurses over the years I honestly couldn't sing their praises enough. They have comforted me, helped me, made me laugh and helped me to remember that without them the world would be A LOT less wonderful. I think the monologue on nursing was refreshing and wonderful. Her "talent" is to bring comfort and hope to others and she is doing a really good job!

  4. I hardly watch tv for a while now and had a chance to read about this drama from the Internet when a lot of nurses began to unite and make their voices heard by Joy Behar and also to defend that Miss America contestant.

    Listening to those mockeries, I was thinking "so shallow" then again, everything that go against any truth is pure ignorance. I wondered if those ladies never had a chance yet of being cared for by a nurse or nurses.

    I am awed by that contestant that I didn't see any obvious part of a body being displayed as a certain talent is performed. I am awed because I know I'm hearing her heart, tasting her experiences as I remember my own. I know you have countless mem'ries too sister of being there for patients. For stepping out of bounds because in the process of teaching our patients, comforting them, helping them, we know their hearts are truly in need of love, understanding, and compassion in the end. Just someone who understands and listen...

    I don't wanna talk about those nasty comments made about that beautiful heart of that nurse because they only corrupt another's mind. But I will speak about that pure heart which faces many challenges daily, doing things with her hands wrapped with love to help those sick patients. It is not easy. And they think it's easy to wear that stethoscope around the neck? It causes pain after a long day...But the best thing was that we heard abnormal sounds from the heart, from the lungs, from the abdomen and can intervene before the doctor even make his rounds...

    Even in the prison, I feel naked without my "stethoscope!" So...Lord, thank You for all those wonderful nurses who serve with the kind of love that comes from You...Glory be to God! Blessings to you sister...

  5. Oh, I have no time for The View and their liberal views for sure but I sure heard enough about their snide remarks on social media. I'm so thankful for nurses like yourself! Happy week Debbie!

  6. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I feel that nurses are underpaid and undervalued. They do a lot here to help others and I appreciate all they do. Here we have a 3 digit telephone number where, instead of running to the hospital for every little ailment (sadly, many do), you can call Info Sante (Info Health in English) and speak directly with a nurse. They are very helpful. One time I had quite a bit of pain and wasn't sure what it was, but when I called this number I spoke with a very nice nurse who was on the phone with me for about 15 minutes and by the time we were near the end of the conversation, describing my symptoms, she told me to go to the hospital emergency...immediately. Of course on the phone they cannot diagnose you but they have been a big help to me and I appreciate their being there. The call I just spoke of above was in 2012...I did head to the hospital emergency and sure enough, the doctor who saw me said she thought I had diverticulitis and after tests and a scan, she was right. Antibiotics were prescribed as well as a thorough scan of my kidney (I have only one kidney since the age of 4 and I will be 59 in a few weeks). Thankfully my kidney is functioning well and the antibiotics took care of the diverticulitis.

    I don't watch The View, I don't like the show at all. You have a very nice blog. :)

  7. I stopped watching that show years ago when the first regulars left and they started replacing them with people who are so liberal in their view of events. My mother was a nurse and I am very proud of the nursing profession. Don't let them take anything away from your wonderful profession. And yes, I thought the video was touching....


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