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Peaceful Sleep

Do you sleep peacefully? My husband Greg took this photo of me the other night. He tends to stay up later than me. He often tells me how peaceful I look when I'm sleeping. Of course, there are nights when I'm probably drooling as the evidence is on my pillow. And very rarely, there might be a snore or two coming out of me. But ...not very often! :)

Well, Greg suggested I post this photo on Facebook. I was hesitant as I'm cautious about what I post on any social media. But I went ahead and posted it. I had to laugh as the 'likes' and comments came in very quickly! My friend Linda immediately pointed out that I was praying. Others commented that I looked peaceful and comfortable. And one friend wrote that she was waiting for a photo that I would take of Greg sleeping. Payback! :)

Well, this morning I was doing my Bible reading during my early morning quiet time. I'm using an app on my Kindle from YouVersion. There are many reading plans available but this year I'm doing Bible in One Year. So far, I'm loving this one!

One of the readings for today was Psalm 4.
I love when this happens! As I read this verse, I also read the accompanying devotion. True joy and peace are found in relationship with God. God alone is the true source of joy and peace. Prosperity and material abundance doesn't necessarily lead to a peaceful sleep. I can attest to that. Been there and done that! Only in God's will can we truly 'dwell in safety'. 

When I'm ready to go to sleep, I say my prayers. As you can tell from this picture, I often do fall asleep praying. Giving my burdens to the Lord helps me to sleep peacefully. 

Will you give it a try? How do you sleep? And should I post a photo of Greg sleeping?

Blessings and love,
Debbie Petras
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  1. Good morning! LOVE this picture...and your right, you DO look soo peaceful and your bed soo comfy. It's true of course what you said about all of this. I LOVE that verse as well. And my vote for posting a picture of Greg is a BIG yes! lol Enjoy your day Debbie. Oh, and btw, I KNOW you will do great with your new class. You've soo got this!

  2. Such a sweet photo of you! You do look quite peaceful. I do not sleep *pretty* - and my sons have some photos to prove it. They say I look mad - my brow is all furrowed and I look clenched. Hmmm. Thankful that no one has decided to post those photos publicly!

    This verse is one of my very favorites, as I suffer from insomnia on a fairly regular basis. It is comforting to me. And, I like how there are two things mentioned - both the lying down and the sleeping. Sometimes when I'm all riled up, I have to make an intentional choice to "call it a day" and lie down. And, with some prayer, the Lord leads me to sleep.

    His peace is the only thing that keeps me *safe*!


    (Post a photo of Greg sleeping? My vote - YES!)

  3. I go to sleep with no problem at all but in recent years I wake up around 1:30 - 2:00 and sometimes just catnap the rest of the night. I don't seem to be tired the next day so perhaps I am resting more than I think. You look extremely comfortable and cozy in this picture. Hugs to you!

  4. Should you post a picture of your beloved sleeping? Only with his consent 😉
    Most nights I sleep peaceful. I know I am in good hands.
    I use YouVersion as well. Doing a 21 day plan right now and enjoying it.

  5. Hi Debbie! Sounds like you inspire your husband, how great is that? I do see your hands folded, so it does look like you relaxed by giving everything over to the Lord. And your reward? A great rest!
    My husband would KILL me if I put a photo of him up on Facebook, so I think I'd better disqualify myself from voting.

    May God give you rest every night :)

  6. This is great. I first loved it posted on FB and there was such peace on you that you could tell you lay it all down to the Lord before you sleep.

  7. I thought this was a fun post, and yes, you should post a photo of your hubby sleeping! lol I'm back to blogging after a needed break and looking forward to catching up with my blogger friends.


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