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My Secret Place

Where is my secret place?  In the past, I used to love to climb up the mountain behind my house.  All I had to do was to put on my hiking boots, grab my water and head out the door.  I was in great shape so the climb was vigorous but certainly doable.  I'd reach the summit and there I'd sit and look out over the valley of Phoenix I call home.

I always searched for the steeple of my church. I'd look out at the city landmarks in the distance.  And I would begin to pray for my city, for the people who lived in the homes below.  I knew one of my neighbors was fighting cancer so I'd bring her name before the Lord.  It was a time of solitude.  It was a time of reflection.

Usually on my quick (almost run) back down the mountain, I'd either be singing praise songs or writing a blog post in my head.  The words always came easily for me when I was alone on my mountain.

I'd return home and immediately sit down to write what was on my heart.  I could still see part of the mountain from my window and ...I loved it.

I no longer live here.  Life circumstances changed for me.  I was so sad about leaving.  In the midst of this sadness, I allowed the stresses of life to get the best of me at times.  I stopped exercising.  I indulged in too many sweets that really didn't satisfy. I ended up gaining about 15-20 pounds.  So now I'm trying to get back to those days when exercise was fun and I enjoyed hiking up  mountains.  I may not have such easy access to a mountain but I can do other things for exercise.

My quiet place is now at my computer.  I need to listen to soothing music more often.  I sometimes forget that I do have access to Pandora. I can easily exercise on my treadmill. On the weekends I can begin to hike up the mountains that are a short car drive from where I now live.  It may take time and effort to get back to the ease I used to climb but I know I can do it. Yes I can!

And I can take time to notice the beauty all around me. The roses in my front garden, the red geraniums I planted in my window box.  The amazing friend and sister in Christ who lives right next door to me.  How thankful God planted me right next to Caroline.  I need to take time to visit with her.

I'm linking up with Bonnie of Faith Barista for this jam.

Do you have a secret place?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I love Phoenix--one of the most beautiful cities on earth--well, at least from the ones I have to compare it to--my quiet place is on one end of my living room sofa--where I meet with Him--and yes you can do it, Debbie--you always inspire me to eat better and exercise more--thank you!

  2. I still haven't discovered Pandora. Maybe one day I will click on it and never click off. :) My secret place is my bedroom where I can read or write or pray. I'm glad you have a great next-door-neighbor. I do too but we rarely make time to see each other; shame on us.

  3. praying with you that you once again find your time of movement to be a time of communion with Him as you feel His life blood pulsing through your veins!

  4. I'm taking time to appreciate what's around menow that I have read your Blog -- thanks Debbie. As you so rightly point out taking the time out to notice the beauty around us -- this critical to understanding the grace and mercy He bestows upon us and gives strength to climb any mountain in our lives.

  5. I think of being in the Father's arms as my secret place, but I also go into the garden of my heart, visualizing meeting Jesus, HS or Papa God there....I do this nearly every day during devotions. Usually this is on the loveseat in my living room....I like the idea of hiking in the mountains close to God's beauty...

  6. Such a perfect place for quiet thoughts and prayers. I can imagine how beautiful it was to look out and see so many places as you pray.

    I listen to Pandora too and keep it playing in the background most of the day. Well, as long as I keep clicking, "I'm still listening." :)

  7. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your progress. I gained a few lbs too over the holidays so I'm with you getting back on track. Also, regarding wearing red tomorrow, I'm in. I heard the report about the connection of sweets to heart attack. It convicted me!

  8. Oh, Debbie, you are always so inspiring! I've been off the treadmill due to being sick and then our trip to Florida. But, Monday, I'm back with it and can't wait. It's been a part of my life for 30+ years and I miss it terribly when I have to be away or can't exercise.

    You must have been rail thin if you weighed 15-20 lbs less than you do now. You look great in your pics.

    Happy weekend and many blessings!


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