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My Thoughts on the Grammy Awards

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards were telecast this week so I set my DVR to record.  After all, I love music.  As I began to watch, I fast forwarded through many portions.  And I must be getting old as I wasn't familiar with many of the songs that won. But then again I do tend to listen to Christian music most of the time. :)

Here are a few of my thoughts on this year's show (at least the parts I watched):
  • I love LL Cool J.  I think he's entertaining and able to laugh at himself. I'm a fan of the TV show NCIS: LA and have watched it since the beginning of the series.
  • I did not like Beyonce and her husband Jay Z's performance at all.  I think Beyonce is very talented but frankly, she showed so much more than I care to see.  I kept wondering what her parents might be thinking.  This was prime time TV so I hope children weren't watching.
  • I love Carole King.  I remember when she won best song of the year for "You've Got a Friend" in 1971. That was the year I graduated from high school after all. I know, I know ...as the kids would say "Miss Debbie, you're old". :)
  • I love the group Chicago!  Their signature sound always appealed to me. I love the brass sound and always have.  I thought they looked great and Robin Thicke did a good job performing along with them.
  • I love the Beatles!  I watched their very first US performance on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9, 1964.  That's the good part of being old.  I was in grade school and many of the girls began to wear black Beatle caps.  They were the rage at the time!
  • I love country music!  When my husband Greg and I had a cabin in Flagstaff, Arizona some years ago, we listened to lots of country music.  Shania Twain was a favorite of ours.  Many of the singers have changed a bit but some remain and I love hearing them.  I loved the number with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton. And I love to watch Blake on The Voice!
  • I love Michael Buble!  I don't know if I fast forwarded and missed when they called his name but I read that he won for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for "To Be Loved".  He's in a class all his own.
  • I was so glad that Mandisa won for Best Christian album for Overcomer. Her video for the song is so inspiring.

Mandisa wasn't present in the audience to accept her award.  I read her post about her reasons and totally understand.  I read that Natalie Grant left the ceremony early as many of the performances were offensive.

Frankly, I think our culture is heading in the wrong direction.

How about you?  What are your thoughts on the Grammy's?  Did you watch them or not?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I didn't watch because I knew it wouldn't be what I would want my children to see. The highlights I've seen since have proven my choice was a good one. So so sad. I LOVE Natalie Grant and Mandisa's decision to leave/not go. Thanks for linking to Mandisa's article. Hadn't seen that. And great recap of the night! :-)

  2. Debbie, I agree with you 100%....I didn't watch but I did look at some of the short clips the next day and I have to tell you I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.....I felt so bad because I knew many young people were watching and what is this saying to them.....I am ashamed that God had to see the talent He's given so many people put to such waste with their actions....

  3. I kept turning the channel back to make sure I didn't miss Willie, Christoferson, Merle & Blake. Country all the way. Don't particularly care for the rest of it.

  4. Honestly,. I'm such a music lover, but I felt the same way you did, lots of the songs I don't know at all, and some of what they performed was so 'out there' that I turned the channel... unbelevable how the norm is almost a shock at times.So instead, I watched The Bachelor wedding which I said I'd never do, since this pair decided not to sleep together until their wedding night. Sometimes I'd just like to go back to the good ole days, when everything was simpler and cleaner. :)

  5. I watched for the first time in years--I am so out of the loop and thought maybe I might need to see what was going on in the world--I got in rather late so I missed Beyonce's performance. After reading about it, I'm so glad I did. She is so beautiful and so talented--it grieves my heart. I also missed Katy Perry--I think I would have turned the show off or got up and left at that point if I had seen that--I pray that she will get back to her roots--

    I am a new fan of Mandisa after reading her article--excellent--so glad for her trying to get back to the woman of God that she has been in the past--sounds like she has a great start.

    I loved John Legend--thought he was a breath of fresh air--

    The one good thing that came from watching the Grammy's for me is a renewed commitment of prayer for our country.

  6. No I didn't watch as even though I LOVE music I knew I would not be familiar with most of the popular stuff anymore, and that it would be what it was. There was a day I wouldn't have missed it, but not anymore. I love Mandisa!! I was thrilled she won and soo respect her position on this.

  7. I didn't watch but totally agree with you Deb. We are heading down hill so fast in this country it's scary. I love reading your blog and agree with you pretty much all the time! I agree with your choices of singers also! Thank you for your blog.

  8. Hi Debbie! I didn't see the Grammys, but you pointed out so many great singer and groups, I kind of wish I did! My daughter and I used to sing that Shania Twain song 'Man, I feel like a Woman' complete with the yipping. Hilarious memory.
    Thank goodness Miley Cyrus wasn't there. Oh my, that is one child who needs some help. I also grew up with Chicago, the Beatles and Carole King. Weren't we so lucky? (love James Taylor too.)
    Thanks for the update on the show!

  9. I actually do not watch the Grammy's this year. I haven't enjoyed the music or performances in the past few years. I too listen to mostly Christian music and was excited to hear Mandisa won!

  10. I rarely watch any of those award shows. I have my reasons, but they aren't very complimentary, so I'll keep them to myself. However, I did hear some things that really bother me, (and actually support my reasons). But.......I really am glad you posted Mandisa's song - really good.


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