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Prepare for a Healthy Lifestyle

I'm on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  In order to be successful, I need to prepare.

When I go hiking, I prepare.  I live in the city of Phoenix.  And Phoenix is a desert.  The temperatures can get hot even though it is dry.  Too many people go hiking unprepared.  There are way too many unnecessary rescues of unprepared hikers.

So how do I prepare?

  • I take plenty of water.  
  • I apply sun screen.  
  • I wear hiking boots.  
  • I pack a cell phone for emergencies.  
  • I take my camera so I can take photos to share. 

On my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I also need to be prepared.  After all, if I simply do what I want and eat what I want ...I will never achieve my goal.

So here are a few practical tips that have helped me. I'm sure you could add to this list.

  • Make a list before going to the grocery store
  • Don't shop when you're hungry
  • Shop the outer aisles where there's fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Purchase produce in season 

If you're going to be gone from home, be prepared. Those hunger pangs can hit and if you have nothing healthy, it can be way too easy to be tempted to eat unhealthy foods or what I like to call empty calories. That's when I can get into trouble.

Here's what I've found to be helpful.

  • I pack a lunch to take with me to work.
  • I always have my water bottle handy.
  • I take a few healthy snacks along.
  • I insert an ice pack in my lunch box to keep everything fresh.

I also prepare to exercise every day.

  • I have my exercise clothes ready the night before.
  • My Kindle is available so I can read while walking on my treadmill.
  • Water is readily available.
  • I mentally recognize that I WILL get up, exercise and not think about whether I want to or not 

Zig Ziglar has been one of my favorite motivators.  I want to remember that I'm on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  One day at a time.  One choice at a time.

I'm linking up with Kim of Just For Clicks for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. You really are helping me as I journey toward a more healthy lifestyle myself....These are wonderful suggestions. I have found if I don't have some healthy snacks for between meals I will always choose junk so I try to keep some handy in my purse....

  2. Practical and very useful reminders. It always comes down to the basics: planning and preparedness! Carry on my friend!

  3. Being prepared is my key to the juicing. Planning ahead. Took me years to learn this.

  4. What great tips, Debbie. And SMART, too, especially shopping along the perimeter of the grocery store. I really like trying new recipes, which works out great with seasonal vegetables.

    Hope these good habits have you feeling GREAT!

  5. Great ideas, Debbie - I just have to Do them :P

  6. Such a great post Debbie and SO true! Today I was not prepared.... I didn't drink my water and I hardly ate a thing till dinner --- ordered pizza and pigged out! ugh. Tomorrow is a better day.... and I am already getting prepared with my overnight oats! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing such great tips!!!

  7. Great tips and hints. We try to eat healthier and I really need to be in a better routine with exercising.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. Awesome tips! I found too that writing recipes for a week not only helps me make the right choices to choose the healthier options but also save with the budget at the same time since I'm only restricted to buying what's on my list.

    Take care when you hike. I'm sure there's a lot to discover in the wilderness and find peace among God's masterpieces in the desert. Have a great week ahead sister!


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