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Overflowing with Thankfulness

Overflowing with thankfulness.  Did you know that is how we are to live the Christian life?

I've been studying the book of Colossians.  Paul was writing a letter to the believers who lived in Colosse while he was in prison in Rome.  There were many ungodly influences in this city that was on a main trade route.  Paul wanted to encourage them in their faith. The words he wrote continue to help, inspire and encourage us today.

Overflowing with thankfulness is a wonderful way to live.  Of course, life has its many challenges.  But if I only focus on what's wrong, I miss out on what's right and good and pure.

It's been too long since I sang Don Moen's song "Give Thanks".  But it's a good reminder of how we are to live.

If you cannot view this video, click here.

I just had to include this collage my niece Kristin put together of little Kenzie 'driving' the car.  Isn't she just too cute?

And so I give thanks:

#935 Rain, rain, and more rain in Phoenix
#936 Learning through the eyes of children
#937 Lessons learned through Scripture reading
#938 September is here!
#939 The kindest & most loving email from my Uncle Bob
#940 Learning more and more about the teaching profession
#941 Watching the three year olds learn to write their name
#942 Seeing photos of my family who lives cross country on Facebook
#943 The flow of writing
#944 The joy of seeing my photos
#945 Smiles on the faces of children
#946 Giggles from little Ronnie as I pretend to tickle him
#947 Children falling asleep during nap time as we rub their backs
#948 Swimming laps in the pool when my feet are too tired to go on the treadmill
#949 Reading books
#950 Holding hands with my husband
#951 Remembering how far we've come in our relationship
#952 Viewing a video from my parent's 50th wedding anniversary

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Sweet! I enjoy your multitudes and your heart. I agree on the focus factor! Hugs!

  2. Dear Debbie,
    I hope you never stop counting your blessings. These are lessons in thankfulness to. When I read your praises to God, I am reminding how good God has been and still is to me as well.May we never stop praising.

  3. I love your blessings! You inspire me to reach for thankfulness!

  4. Debbie - I too love Don Moen songs. And I think Carmel is special. Glad you got to visit there. Hope you have a really good week.

  5. Overflowing with thankfulness. That's how I want to live too. I'm always more joyful and more hope-filled when I choose to be thankful.

    Kenzie is totally adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. HI Debbie! Oooh, love that pool too when my feet give out. Such a lovely list today. Especially enjoyed the note about rain! I hope it extends to all those horrid forest fires too.

    Cute little driver you have there :)

  7. Kenzie is such a doll, her mommy, too! I love kids and am often reminded of how neat your job is and how the Lord lead you to it. That right there is something to give thanks for. Your list is wonderful and I especially love the holding hands with your hubby. That's something I am always thankful for, a loving hand to hold in all the good times and bad.

  8. Overflowing with thankfulness. That's going to be my goal for this week.

  9. Beautiful, Debbie! Such a powerful song. Wow that Don can really lead worship! And I loved your Red post from Friday. It really is your color!


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