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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air.  Don't forget that I live in Phoenix.  Yes, it's March but it's a beautiful time of year out here.  Baseball spring training is happening across the valley of the sun.  It was such fun to attend a baseball game with my aunt and uncle who were visiting from California.  The LA Angels were playing against the Chicago Cubs.  Sorry Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob but the Cubs won 4-2.

My pastor is retiring.  It's sad as I will miss him.  He has been such a source of encouragement to me over the years.  But we got to hear the possible new pastor preach his first sermon.  There was a vote and I'm waiting with anticipation.  I really liked him and voted ...yes.

My dad celebrated his 84th birthday last week on February 28th.  He had a fun time with a family dinner.  I only wish I could have been there too.  The next day he was surprised by a birthday party given by friends he's known since childhood.  Tootsie and Louie are long time friends from Brooklyn, NY.  They all ended up in Florida and my dad stays in touch.  They had balloons and cake and ...lots of  fun reminiscing!

I had to share a partial photo of Mary.  She and Lizzie are twins and are in the Mini Mustang class.  But they are the cutest.  Check out her zebra coat and back pack; too cute.  It was cold last week after all.

I love to take photos of the children reading.  They are so funny as they read out loud.  Sometimes they make believe they are Mrs. Rosetti or Miss Debbie and we have to stifle our laughter.

I continue to count my every day blessings ...

#712 Spring weather in Phoenix
#713 Spending time with my aunt and uncle from California
#714 A wonderful church family
#715 Great Bible preaching
#716 Continued progress on my book
#717 Getting to know Lori, a substitute teacher who worked with me last week
#718 Heidi is feeling better :)
#719 Fun at a spring training baseball game
#720 All the children cooperated during our school's critical incident drill
#721 That my dad is doing well health wise (praise God for that)
#722 My dad got to celebrate another birthday and enjoy his great grandchild

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie, you have a great list here--so much to be thankful for--I loved hearing about your dad and the childhood friends--that is so special--have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the updates. We really have a lot to be thankful:)

  3. Beautifully put, a story in itself is most of the pictures included above, I treasure the Dad Birthday part - how special parents are and your dedication to your Blog to bring moments of Joy out in the open is a blessing for all that get to read and share it.

  4. First, let me just say how delighted I am that your Dad is still with you; and that he's celebrating yet another vintage birthday. I'll begin my own "Vintage Years" in a swift 5 years when I turn 70. Whoa!!

    As for Spring, I doubt there's any season more hopeful or full of promise. God dots His landscapes with proof postive that life follows death; that beauty is born of Winter's stay.


  5. What a fun weekend, Debbie! Gosh, I can't wait for the warm days to move into VA. We're having a snowstorm this week! Enjoy that warm desert sun :)

  6. Spring has this wonderful renewal effect on old and young. New life from death, we sing.
    Your father looks incredibly young and good. Are you sure you are right about his age?
    I'm happy whenever I see the pictures from the preschool kids. They look so healthy and happy.
    I pray you are well too and that your new heard is a man after god's heart.
    My best to Heidi. Hope she'll get well soon.

  7. Oh, I think Spring is peeking it's head out here, at least, I'm sure hopeful! Our daughter and Grandson are coming this weekend and we are hoping for pretty weather.

    Yea, for your Dad. He looks great!

    Cute pics of your kiddos!

    Happy week!

  8. Whoa, spring is in the air. I saw many people out in our neighborhood riding their bikes in shorts and tee shirts. I think everyone's heart feels lighter - at least until we look out in the yard and see all those bushes that need to be trimmed! Not complaining, even that is just a "right of spring."

    Dad does look great, Happy Birthday to him!

    Those precious children...love hearing about them through your pins, they are so sweet. I'm glad the drill went OK.

  9. Hi Debbie...What is your book about? I love reading books of people I know...I will buy it when it is completed! Keep us informed.

    My Daughter Lynnette Kraft has written 2 books about her loss of three children...And although the losses of her precious children were so very hard, GOD showed Himself so strong and so powerful through each loss. His Faithfulness is so amazing, and His Love is so comforting and such an encouragement! There is so much hope in both of her books. (:>)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post. And I am glad we are now Facebook friends. I have slowed down on blogging a little bit...and do more facebook stuff. My husband and I use facebook as a list of people to pray for each day. Praying for others is our ministry in our retirement years...and we love it! (:>)

    I had forgotten that you live in Phoenix. My very dear friend who lives there is here for a visit for three weeks! If I ever get there again to visit we should meet for coffee or tea!

    Love, Linda


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