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Birthday Blessings

I celebrated my birthday on Friday.  I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to this one.  After all, I turned 60 years old.  I can hardly believe it!  But I got to celebrate my birthday with many little children and co-workers.  So it turned out to be a fun birthday after all.

I was greeted with this poster from the other Pre-K 3 class next to ours.  And then I came into our classroom only to be greeted by many of our students with hugs and shouts of happy birthday.

It was so special to receive so many beautiful cards from each of the children.  There were many flowers, plants and chocolate candy; oh my!

I'm so thankful to Heidi for orchestrating all of these festivities.  She made a crown for me to wear as the children sang happy birthday. In the teacher's lounge I discovered trays of fresh vegetables and fruit.  After all, Heidi knew I've been trying to lose weight.  I appreciated that.

Are these munchkins cute or what?  They are holding up the groundhogs they colored earlier in the day. They were predicting whether Phil would see his shadow or not.

I had fun celebrating with good friends at a local restaurant here in Phoenix called Hillstone Restaurant.

Check out the live fish they have displayed at the entrance to the restaurant.  I have to admit that I ate very well.  Between the sushi as appetizers, the veggie burger and then ...we all split a hot fudge sundae.  I have to exercise twice as hard today to make up for that.  But then again, how often do you turn 60 right?

#662 Getting to celebrate my birthday with a classroom of children
#663 The joy of friendship
#664 Homemade cards are the best
#665 An amazing friend and co-worker Heidi
#666 Teachers who love what they do
#667 Good friends who know how to celebrate
#668 Hearing songs of happy birthday on the phone from my dad, siblings and aunt and uncle
#669 My friend Theresa who knows how much I love Le Grande Orange and their roasted corn pizza
#670 My husband who helped me cart all my goodies into our condo
#671 My husband who wanted to hear every detail of my day
#672 So many wonderful Facebook greetings
#673 My new friends in our Weigh-In Wednesday Facebook group who are so encouraging and helpful
#674 My Facebook Morning Moments friends where we get to share what we learned in our daily quiet time

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays as we count our every day blessings.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Happy birthday Debbie! You look just wonderful! Never guess 60! Love how your day was celebrated. And nope, don't turn 60 everyday, glad you celebrated away! HUGS

  2. Awww, happy birthday Debbie, looks like you had a fabulous day - and you look terrific!

  3. You're a beautiful birthday celebrant who looks younger for that number! Happy Birthday to you and I could tell, you are surrounded by many, precious people who truly love you. Sounds like you had a fun time, especially with those special kids. Looks like we don't need to go that far to really know that His blessings do abound. In many ways. In different ways. Even at that time when my family and I were in ER ;)

    Thanks sister for encouraging me, too...I'm glad I have a sister-nurse who understands what I go through. God bless. Hugs.

  4. Well, Debbie, can I just say, you wear it well my dear! Turning 60 was huge to me. I have never given much thought to any other b'day but I gave a lot of thought to that one and still am as I look in the face of 61. I guess it's a bit sombering when you think that at least 2/3 of your life is over. Ouch! but we are assured of grander things and that is such a comfort. Blessings for your first week as a 60 year old!

  5. You should be on those ads that say "she's 60 but looks 50".....you wear 60 so well.....after all age is a state of mind...that what I keep telling myself..

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration and I pray this next year is full of blessings and God's favor on you....

  6. You deserve every minute of it and more!!!!

  7. Debbie, you should be a beauty queen.........actually, you are! Beautiful inside and out. I'm glad you had such a wonderful 60 b-day. Gifts and love given from the heart are always so special. I'm so glad you recieved plenty of both.
    Love you, and one more time, Happy Birthday!

  8. What a wonderful day. Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy birthday, dear one. Cannot even believe you're 60. I follow close behind you, though...hugs!

  10. What a sweet and precious way to celebrate your birthday!!!! LOVE it.

  11. Happy 60th dear Debbie! I turned 61 in November, so we're close. You look fabulous for your age! All of the pictures are great. Glad you had a good celebration.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday! Wishing you a year of blessing and joy - hope I look that great when I turn 60:)

  13. Dear Debbie. Happy belated birthday and welcome to the happy sixties. To me you look like forty and that is perfectly alright.
    The children keep you young. You deserve it. I wore red for you Feb.first. You really are an inspiring woman.
    Hope you win the trip to Norway. You deserve that too.
    from felisol

  14. Hi Debbie,
    Love and blessings my friend; I am happy you had such a wonderful day. I have to agree, you look amazing and happy! God bless you with that smile and joy throughout the year, and for many more daily blessings and gifts!


  15. Happy Birthday dear Debbie! It looks like it was a special day!

  16. Happy sweet Birthday.. What a fun special day it looks like.


  17. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your day and you were blessed in so many ways by your class and others. It looks like such a nice day.

    (By the way I can't believe you are 60! Really! No way do you look 60!)


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