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Five Minute Friday ~ Dive

It's Five Minute Friday when I get to link up with The Gypsy Mama. Lisa-Jo gives us one word each Friday.  We get to write for five minutes flat.  Our word for today is ...DIVE.


I remember the first time I dove off the high board at the public swimming pool.  I stood in line many times but at the last minute I got scared.  But this time, I would do it.  There was no turning back when I climbed those stairs to the top.  There were people in line. As I stood on the diving board my legs were shaking.  I held my nose and jumped.  I felt the rush of water.  When I surfaced, I was smiling.  I did it!

I think of my walk with the Lord.  I was afraid of diving in.  What if I became like one of those Jesus freaks?  What would people think? After all, I wanted to have friends.  I didn't want to be seen as someone who thought they were holier than others.  So I dabbled.  I'd put my foot in the deep end but take it out.  I had moments when I felt inspired and got in line.  But I got scared and backed out.

When I finally dove in, I realized how much I had been missing.  It was refreshing!  When I gave my whole heart to the Lord, He opened my heart in ways I never knew was possible.  He gave me a love for others.  He opened my eyes to see things from His perspective.  I didn't feel holier than others.  I suddenly had a compassion and love for others.  His grace and mercy extended to me overflowed to others.

So dive in!  Don't dabble or simply put your foot in the deep end.  Go for it.  You will not regret it.


Blessings and love,

 photo credit: Roberto_Ventre via photopin cc
Debbie Petras
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  1. I'm stopping by from Five Minute Friday. So true- we have to dive in to ministering to others, and God gives the grace to do what we thought we couldn't do. Thanks for your post!

  2. Yeah, I remember when I became a Jesus Freak...and I am happy to say I am still- since if I am a freak for Jesus after all I can't think of a better freak to be. Sweet memory and connection.

  3. Dear Debbir
    This is so true! I also don't want to be a holier-than-thou kind of person, for I have realized that we are holy only when we know how unholy we truly are and run to Jesus to live in His holiness!
    Much love XX

  4. Great post...you took that word and challenged us all to dive deeper...good word

  5. My literal experience with diving off the board for the first time made me vow to never do it again (total belly flop and I thought I was going to die! lol!)

    But, I do understand the figurative comparison you're making. Good thoughts for today.

  6. You pack so much into your 5-minutes of writing and I so enjoy your words and challenges!

  7. Great post!! I always enjoy reading your blog,Debbie!

  8. Great thoughts, always interesting to see the different approaches every one has to the word on 5 Minute Friday. Always enjoy stopping by!

  9. Every time I dived off a board, I would belly flop. I wasn't very good at it. So thankful He doesn't look for perfection, just a willing heart!

  10. I think it is the fear of giving up what worldly treasures I have at first...that I was afraid to dive in His oceans of love... But what riches we have in Him!

    What a great encouragement and analogy! Have a great weekend and may you always be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  11. Lovely! What a great picture. Thank you for sharing this!


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