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Five Minute Friday ~ Stretch

I'm participating in Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo of Gypsy Mama. We write for five minutes flat on a word that she gives us each week.

Our word for this week is ...STRETCH


I don't like being stretched.  I tend to stay in my comfort zone.  It hurts when I am being stretched.

I recently tore my rotator cuff.  That's what I get for lifting heavy garbage bags and heaving them into the garbage dumpster with one hand.  My left shoulder suffered the consequences to the point where it was hard to sleep at night.  My shoulder would ache.  I couldn't reach back with my arm.

I am almost finished with two months of Physical Therapy.  And believe me ...I've been stretched.

I learned that the muscles around my shoulder needed to be strengthened.  I had to build them up.  I also had to stretch out my shoulder muscles.  The whole process was painful.  But I am now sleeping through the night. I can actually reach back with my arm.  I have almost no pain.

I realize that in my life I need to go through some stretching to move forward.  

God has a plan for my life.

If I stay complacent and in my comfort zone, I may miss out on all He has planned for me.

So I give in to His stretching.  At times it is painful.  But I know it's for my good and His glory.


Are you allowing God to stretch you?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Yes, stretching is no fun...physical therapy can be rough as you said, but God needs us to be opened to being stretched so we don't stay the same...I don't love it, but I know it is necessary.

  2. I find myself being stretched out of my comfort zone as well. Necessary yes, painful yes. Glad you are healing from your injury. Interesting how God gives us word pictures in our life of what He is doing with us!!

  3. I'm a comfort zone kind of girl, too. God is stretching me right now, too. He's having me teach 1st and 2nd graders in Sunday school. Whew! Not my thing, but trying to do the best I can. Streeeetch!!
    Thank you for sharing, my friend!
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  4. All I pray is that God will lead me day by day where I can be used by Him I believe that every calling requires stretching. And I hope that pain will not make me give up.

  5. Oh, so happy to hear your shoulder is almost better! Love reading your 5-minute writing post and stretching outlook! Encouraging post :)

  6. What a great way to approach the subject of "stretch." You know, had you been working that muscle all along, you may not have experienced the pain in your shoulder (THis is not a "it's your own fault" suggestion). I'm just thinking that when we are stretched in our personal lives,we often have not been with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading/study,and we get hurt in our daily lives. Sometimes it is through words, sometimes through misunderstandings, but our feelings are based on how we perceive it, rather that how God would have us respond. WE didn't do our spiritual exercise, and when we get "stretched" out of shape, we don't respond as we should.
    Glad your shoulder is better! I know your spirit is well!

  7. Stretching is such a healthy thing, isn't it?! I know I need more of it and in fact I can't get enough of it. I feel so much better when I have stretched. It is true when God is stretching me as well. I feel so much better when I have been pliable, regular in His hands.

    I have been working through physical healing requiring much physical therapy and stretching as well. I am thankful for your progress and healing as I am for my own. Be blessed.

  8. I am so thankful your shoulder is healing. Moving forward does require stretching. Painful at times, but worth it. Have a beautiful weekend.


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