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Where is Your Refuge?

Where is your refuge?  When life is uncertain, where do you turn?

It's In Other Words Tuesday.  Psalm 91:4 is our quote for this week.

Life can be hard.  Our world is changing.  With the internet and instant everything, I sometimes feel bombarded.  And so much of it is negative and scary.  My senses get overwhelmed with the tragedies and violence I see on TV and on my computer screen.

Sometimes I wish life were more simple.  I daydream.  I browse through Pinterest.  I find beautiful photos and ideas.  A refuge from reality.  

But it's only a temporary escape.

I've been reading "Psalm 91: He Who Dwells" by Lara Velez.  Btw, it's only $.99 on Amazon as an eBook.  She goes into depth on the original Hebrew text for each verse.

The NLT for verse 4 is:
He will cover you with His feathers.  He will shelter you with His wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

After the author defined words like cover and shield, she reworded the text as follows:
His truth and His faithfulness are a large spiked shield surrounding you.

I don't know about you but that gives me such an amazing picture in my head.  I want that kind of protection!

We don't always get to see the enemy of our souls.  He is a master of disguise.  The thoughts that invade our mind.  The images our eyes see.  We can shrug our shoulders and say 'that's life'.  Or we can choose wisely as we read and ...obey the Word of God.

I want to run for cover under the refuge of His wings.  It's a place of safety.  Yes, I live in this world.  I'm not escaping reality.  But I can still navigate this world and allow His love to permeate and spread to others as I dwell in His presence.  I want to be covered with His feathers; finding refuge under His wings.

How about you?  Where is your refuge?

I'm linking up with Sunflower Faith for In Other Words Tuesday.

Blessings and love,

Photo Credit: Welcoming Walls Etsy shop
Debbie Petras
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  1. As you know from reading my post of yesterday I want to stay in the secret place with Him where I am loved and protected.

  2. I want to rest in His lap always.

  3. Another timeless reminder, Debbie. Too often, I fear, I take refuge in a book, or a bowl of ice cream, or sleep. I'm much, much happier when I am still and KNOW in Whom I can rely.

    By the way ... LOVE that bathroom scene. Calgon - take me away!

  4. Yes, like you I feel overwhelmed with this fast paced world we live in but the truth is the real shelter and "my reality" is hiding myself in Jesus!

  5. It's seems that the Lord always brings by your blog at just the right time Debbie. The picture is so relaxing and I would love to have a room that looks just like it! But what is even better is the verse. Just knowing that He covers us and surrounds us with a "large spiked shield". WOW! That is what gives me comfort tonight! Thank you for sharing this.


  6. I was thinking tonight about the enemy and his many schemes and how most days, I'm oblivious to his subtleties. Thinking about God's protection with this description is a beautiful reminder of how very much I need the grace and shield of my Father.

    It's a good picture to paint in my mind as I lay my head down to rest.


  7. He is my refuge and my strength. So often I run to other things to shield me from fear or harm. But I know that He keeps me safe in the shadow of His wings! Beautiful post. I'll have to check out the e-book!

  8. It seems that tragedy and sadness surrounds us so much these days, but I can see how it is working in the lives of so many, who are turning their lives over to God in these times of doubt and trouble. He is our shelter and protection and will keep us safe in the shadow of His wings! :)

    Beautifully written Debbie! :)


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