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Remembering Whitney Houston

Remembering Whitney Houston ...what an incredible voice.

She had a life of fame, amazing musical talent and yet so many temptations of this world.  I was saddened when I would read of her struggle with addictions.  But I didn't walk in her shoes.  And only God truly knows her heart.

This morning, I watched several tributes to her life and legend.  As I listened to so many familiar and beautiful songs, I wanted to share a video of her singing a simple but profound song.  I pray that Whitney truly knew this in her heart; that Jesus  loved her.

My heart goes out to Whitney's 18 year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina. But this morning I read on Savvy Auntie that Ce Ce Winans is her godmother.  She has made a commitment to be very involved in this young girl's life.  Ce Ce Winans is a wonderful gospel singer who is a Christian.  I was so encouraged as I read this news.

I'm linking up with Amy of Signs, Miracles and Wonders for Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Good morning! I LOVED Whitney Houston....her voice was really like no other. Her whole life ended up just making me soo sad. She just never could get control of her own personal demons. She was just so weak. And yet, she professed at many different times to being Christian. I would love to think she is singing in the streets of heaven today. Have a good week-end Debbie! HUGS

  2. I was never in to Whitney but this whole thing is very sad. I liked your thoughts on the situation.

  3. I agree with you, Debbie! Thanks for sharing! Happy Saturday!

  4. I like to think God's arms are big enough to embrace us all in our weakness and struggles. Personally to me Whitney is just another person, who struggled as many do, but in the spotlight -which poses many challenges and trials we may only understand completely if we ourselves have been in the spotlight. But God knows all. I too am encouraged when I know someone has a strong Christian in their family, or history - one has to believe that many prayers and investment has been made on behalf of the person. We as Christians need to remember that we all have opportunities to pray and extend grace for and/or to those who struggle in ways we ourselves do not relate to or understand. Let us keep our eyes on our prize, Jesus, without distraction and intercede for others while it is yet day. In His Grace, Dawn

  5. Whitney had such an amazing voice. I loved hearing her sing.

    I didn't know that Ce Ce Winans was her daughter's godmother. Thanking God for that.

  6. Debbie -
    A very thoughtful post on Whitney Houston.

    By the way, I apologize that I forgot to put a link to your blog when I posted on In Other Words Tuesdays earlier this week, as you were hosting. It had been awhile since I participated and it simply slipped my mind.

    Hope your Saturday is a good one. blessings to you - Marsha

  7. I'm so glad you posted this Debbie. I watched part of her funeral today and was so moved. I am so grateful that God sees our hearts. Even though her life spiraled downward, I hope and believe that she never stopped loving Jesus. He sees the whole picture, from the inside out. We only see the outside and our best guess will never see the heart like Jesus does.

    I loved this song by her today.


  8. Yes, no one knew her heart and I just believe that she did know Christ as her Savior. She, like so many others, allowed Satan to get his gripe on her. What a sad, sad ending to such a life. Her music is like no other, touches the soul deeply. We'll continue to remember her for years and years through her awesome music.
    Blessings Debbie!

  9. Debbie, thanks so much for doing this post--it was very good!

    I too loved her so much.

  10. Such an amazing talent she was blessed with. A truly beautiful voice. Such a sad situation... my prayers are with her loved ones.

  11. A sweet tribute to a talented woman who was troubled and broken, but whom I pray never stopped loving and praising God. Only He knows her heart and I pray that He is embracing her sweet spirit! Love and prayers for her family, and thankfulness for the Christian influence in her daughter's life.

    Great post Debbie! :)

  12. Great post...thanks for sharing, and yes, my heart goes out to her daughter and I pray there is Christian influence to help her walk through this trial.

  13. If my memory serves me well.., I think Whitney Huston started her carrier in a gospel choir.
    Poor Woman, success is such a treacherous friend, craving both body and soul-
    I rest in she knowing her saviour and him being graceful, not wanting any child of his to perish.
    Glad to learn that her child is being taken care of.

  14. I agree with your thoughts on Whitney and she truly had a wonderful voice. I made a post earlier in the week regarding comments I had heard about her passing. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Saddened beyond words. I too pray that she was indeed saved. I know that God judges the heart, although we judge outward appearances. It is truly a testimony though, we never know when addictions will overcome us. One step away from God is a step in the wrong direction and can lead to overwhelming and undoable sorrow.
    Praying for you always sister!
    Love and hugs,

  16. It was indeed sad to read of Whitney's passing. I am with you; I hope that she knew Jesus loved her and she will be now singing in heaven beautiful songs.


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