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Interview with Lisa Shaw

Lisa Shaw has become a good friend to me.  You may know her through her blog Lisa Shaw Cares.

I had the opportunity to meet Lisa in person and I can say that ...Lisa really does care.  She's the real deal and is a joy to know.

Lisa published her first eBook entitled "You Are Beautiful in God's Eyes".  I asked Lisa questions regarding this new venture and I want to share her answers with you.

1.      “You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes” seems to be so personal to you Lisa.  Why did you choose to write this book now?

For 10 years I have tried to finish writing a book. I have several started on my hard drive or on paper but never completed.  Several reasons for that but one day, the end of May of this year, I was at lunch with my friend Johnine.  I was showing her a very small pocket-sized booklet written by Marilyn Hickey that I’ve had since 1999. It spoke about how God uses women in His kingdom purposes, a subject that has always been important to me especially in the roles in which God uses my life.  As I shared with Johnine she was not very interested in hearing about that booklet but rather she asked the question that has changed my life and the lives of others and I’m so humbled by that and grateful to God!  The question she asked was, “Lisa, where is your booklet?”  During the 30 minute ride home from lunch I pondered that question. I asked myself, “Lisa, where is your booklet?” I began to cry. I began to pray. With hot tears streaming down my face I heard myself ask God, “Abba Father, where is my booklet”.  Within my heart I could hear Him say, “Within you”.  I began over the next day or so.  I prayed and asked God what to write about. He gave me the topic from the heart of which I’ve lived and from which I’ve ministered to many women over the years; helping them to see themselves through God’s eyes.   I laid my hands to the keyboard and the Holy Spirit took over.  Within two months You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes was completed by God’s grace.  By the beginning of September it was published and in my hands. That was all God!

2.     In your ministry, do you see many Christian women who struggle with these issues of not feeling beautiful?  Doesn't becoming a Christian heal those areas of hurt?

Yes Debbie, many women struggle with seeing themselves through God’s eyes--the eyes of His Word.  Often women in certain positions of ministry or business are apprehensive about admitting that.  I have also found that at times women who have been saved a long time are also timid in being transparent in this area.  We must get beyond the masks, titles and positions and be transparent about the wounds we carry around so that we can seek Jesus for full healing and wholeness and live the lives He’s provided for us to live abundantly.

Becoming a Christian does not automatically heal the hurts.  That is why we can be a Christian for so many years and live discouraged, depleted and defeated.  The healing begins when we walk in genuine fellowship with the Lord and answer His question.  He asks, “Do you want to be made whole?” as He asked the man at the pool in John 5.  We have to be willing to answer that question. We have to want the healing that Jesus provides. The woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5 went after her physical healing.  The sinful woman in Luke 7 went after her spiritual healing.  Jesus wants us to be healed and whole but we have to want what He is offering to us and then go after it in His Word and in prayer and receive all that He has for us. Not an easy thing to do but doable with His help.  Healing and wholeness in the area discussed in my Book is often not instantaneous.  It’s often a process and that’s ok as long as we begin the process to define ourselves by the Word and not the world by learning what God sees when He looks at us and then daring to believe Him!!

3.     I loved how you addressed 7 reasons why women find it difficult to see themselves as God sees them.  Straddling the fence was a chapter that could have been taken from my life story.  Do you think we in the church miss opportunities to help new believers grow in their faith?  Or is it that people believe that when they pray the prayer inviting Jesus into their heart they have a ticket to heaven and don’t focus on how they are to live NOW?  

Sadly yes, we often do miss opportunities in the church to help new believers to grow in their faith. I would add not just new believers Debbie but struggling Christians and even Christians who have been saved for a very long time. Often when people meet me in ministry circles they ask me one main question:  What church do you attend? I think a better question is, “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? How long have you been really walking with Him?”  There’s usually the date we become a Christian and then the date that we really begin to walk with Him up close.  Not true for everyone but often true for many people.

If we reached the heart of the person and not just asking surface questions then we’d probably see people open up more as we show them that we care in Christ about their lives, and that gives opportunity for us to help people more.

4.     How are you getting the word out about the book?  Who is marketing it?  Have social media platforms been helpful to you?    

My hubby and I published the book by God’s grace with a very good company.  Then, God has put this book into hands I would not have anticipated in the last three months. Women of various ages and backgrounds, young ladies and teenagers have read it. I have been told that some husband have read it as well! My book has traveled to India and that blessed my heart.  Our pastor and congregation have embraced the Book without my pursuit or request.  My pastor actually read it at night while on a very intense mission’s trip to Madagascar!   God has opened doors for me to do the Book as a 9 week Bible Study beginning January 4th at the church. As a result I am also working on a Study Guide. I’m excited about the doors God has opened already. I’m looking forward to being invited many places to share God’s story to penetrate the hearts of Christian and non-Christian women!

5.     Do you think this would be a good book to share with women friends who are not Christians? 

Absolutely.  My sister in law, Kenya said that one of things she loves about the Book was that it was not “churchy” sounding and that it was conversational, relatable and relative.  I believe that all women can benefit from the message and prayerfully by the time they read Chapter 7:  Living Apart from His Truth will cause them to give their hearts to Jesus Christ. That chapter was written for that purpose.

6.     Lisa, you are beautiful.  Have you finally come to the point where you truly believe that and see yourself through the lens of God’s eyes? 

 Debbie you are beautiful too!  Yes, I truly believe that I am beautiful in God’s eyes and that was a long journey my friend!  I truly believe that I am defined by His Word and not by the world.  There are times when the enemy will whisper his lies but I have learned how to handle him through 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.  There are times when negative thoughts will creep in my mind or the hurtful words of others will attempt to distract me from my purpose in God but I grab those negative thoughts and hurtful words and cast it down out of my mind and make it subject to Christ. I then fill my mind and my mouth with His Word. I speak His word aloud and encourage myself and fill myself with His truth over and over until my mind is at peace.

 If I could I would hug every woman who reads this and tell her that she is beautiful in God’s eyes. I would encourage her to read His Word and find out what He sees when He looks at her and then, dare to believe Him and live her life based on that truth!

Debbie, you are beautiful in God’s eyes and I love you! Thank you for the opportunity to share more about my book: You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes.  For Book details and Book purchase or Kindle or Nook information: www.lisashawcares.com

So now go and check out this book of Lisa's.  I read it and loved it.  I was not asked to conduct this interview by Lisa nor was I given anything in exchange for this recommendation.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Found you on Ann's blog link up. I really enjoyed reading your posts. That was a wonderful interview with Lisa Shaw. God bless you as you blog and share the message. I look forward to reading more.

  2. This sounds like a remarkable book that will be enlightening to any reader who picks it up! What a blessing this interview must have been Debbie; Lisa characterizes a Godly woman of grace, strength, and dignity. I am excited to read more! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Two of my favorite "girls" in one place? Bonus!

    Great interview, Debbie. You've done an excellent job of drawing even more from Lisa's heart, if that were possible.

    Oh how I love & thank God for the both of you.


  4. This just wonderful Debbie, and I will DEFINITELY be looking for this book. What a good interview! HUGS

  5. Here you both are, 2 of my favorite girls!! :)

    What good questions, Debbie, and i loved Lisa's answers. If you are reading Debbie's blog today, I would add my own recommendation... get the book! I have read it too, and loved it. It's Lisa, from the first to the last page, and it's her words and heart sharing God's hope, and there are words of encouragement for each one of us.

    I love you both!!

  6. Thank you so much for introducing us to Lisa and her new booklet.....She sounds like a treasure...After reading this, I can't wait to get it....

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. What a wonderful interview! I've not had the chance to officially meet Lisa (yet!), but love her heart for the Lord and others! Thanks for the great questions. I feel like we all just had coffee together!
    Sweet blessings~
    Cindy :)

  8. I love Lisa, too... she has such a caring heart. Hopefully someday I will be able to get hold of a copy of her book.

    Just published my blog Christmas entry... noticed you dropped by just as I was posting the pictures... see you around soon.

    Wishing you year end greetings of peace and joy!


  9. A wonderful interview by two blog friends who have bled des my life so much that I feel as if we are friends in "real life". I love you both and you are both beautiful in God's eyes and in mine!


  10. WOW!! Debbie, you know I've been off-line over a week until now and I am so blessed by your heart of care and friendship toward me! You know I love you very much!!! I was and still am deeply moved by your offer to do an interview of my book but even more my heart for women through Christ. Thank you for the special friend that you are to me and for the caring nature of Christ you walk so openly and tenderly.

    To all the ladies, thank you for your warm and loving comments. Many of you I know and love deeply and some of you I am new too but I love you all the same! I look forward to connecting.

    May the Lord richly bless each and every one of you with His presence and peace now and in the coming year and may His favor walk with you always in Jesus Name! Amen!

    Much love and appreciation,

  11. Beautiful, insightful interview with Lisa. She has a huge heart for ministering this message of truth to others. I'm thankful for her obedience to write this, even more so for her obedience to live it.

    Blessings to both of you gals.


  12. Oh, how wonderful. I will order the book right now.

  13. A great interview, sweet friend ~ God bless your ministry, Lisa, and your new book. Love you two ~

  14. I love it - from how God had faith for what He put in Lisa - to her message that God wants us whole - not rolling around in our brokenness - and He wants us to see ourselves as He see us! She wrote about one of my very favorite messages to read about!!!! Congrats on the courage to act on God's plan in your life!

  15. Hi Debbie,

    Great interview. Love the questions you asked. I always enjoy reading the author's thoughts on books I read. You can tell this book was written from Lisa's heart.

    If I had not already gotten the book after this interview I would definitely have bought it.

  16. Ladies, you bless me with your comments. Thank you so much and to our God be the glory, fully!

    Debbie, thanks again for being a GOOD GODLY FRIEND!'

    Love you all!

  17. Well, I am a little later that some, but I just finished Lisa's book...and really enjoyed your interview, Debbie! What a great idea!

    Having been a reader of Lisa's blog for several years, I knew her book would be every bit a blessing as she always has been...so I ordered a few books to send to friends. They will be mailed out tomorrow...just sharing the love!


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