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God Given Passions

Bonnie Gray of Faith Barista "serves up shots of faith for everyday life".  I love to participate in her Thursday Faith Barista JAM sessions whenever I can.  I'm a bit late in publishing my Thursday post but I didn't want to miss out on this one.

This week Bonnie asked if we had any God-given interests and passions that we've put to the side.  She suggests that it might be time to "start believing God placed them in you for a purpose".

As I began to consider answering her question, I started jotting down a few thoughts.  This wordle says much about my passions and interests.

It's very interesting to me that many of those passions had been placed on hold for a variety of reasons.


I always imagined being married and having children.  But alas, I had fertility issues.  Despite several painful surgeries, we were unable to have children.

But God ...

In the midst of some very challenging circumstances, I had to return to work last year.  Since I had worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for 25 years, that might have seemed like a logical choice.

However, since I had retired from that career path more than five years earlier I would have had to return to the university for a refresher course.  So I took a job in a private school working with little children.

God knew what I needed and exactly when I needed it.  
I get to spend my days with three year old children who are delighted to learn new things.  Just last week they were each given a popsicle to see what happens to them in the Phoenix heat.  Of course, they started to melt but not before they each got a taste.  They used the melting popsicles to paint a picture.


Since becoming a Christian, I've had a heart filled with love.  I get to share that love with my husband and family.  But now I also get to share it with children.  And that ...makes me smile.


I love to write.  I've kept journals for years.  I've written a few short stories (never published).  I guess writing goes along with my love for books and reading.  And blogging has become a natural extension of that.

I began blogging as a way to help my husband in a technology company he was starting.  Social media was  becoming  a new marketing means.  But in the process, I found something else I loved.  The surprise for me were the relationships that developed online with other bloggers.  I've come to love so many and have actually met about a dozen face to face.  There's something so special when you already know a person's heart and then get to meet them.


Photography is something that I've loved since the late 1970's.  I purchased my first 35 mm camera and took a photography workshop.  We learned about f stops and ISO and composition.  We even took a field trip for night photography.

It's become much easier now with digital photography.  My Nikon D70 is my constant companion.  And yet, I've never even completely read my manual.  I figure things out as I go.  I've not taken the time to focus and learn all I could learn to develop my skills.  I believe God has prompted me to get more serious now as I love to photograph the children at work.


In the past 15 years, I've become more passionate about my faith.  I long to grow and reflect God's love more fully.  I've found that it's in the midst of trials, that I cling to Him.  And He chisels away at  my 'self life' and asks me to trust Him.  I'm learning and growing and it's an ongoing project.

I'm so thankful that Bonnie asked us this question.  It has stimulated many thoughts in my mind.  My prayer is that God's desires for my life would become my desires.

How about you?  Do you have any God-given interests and passions that you've placed to the side?


Blessings and love,
Debbie Petras
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  1. It seems when we stop and think what makes us smile we have quite a list. I enjoyed reading yours and being reminded God guides our interests and passions.


  2. Dear sweet friend! A great post to inspire each of us to reflect upon the God given passions in our hearts and lives...and to refresh and remind us...

    How blessed it is that we are able to act in a positive and God-inspired direction to those things that are within our hearts.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    As always...it seems as if I am catching up again with blog reading :o)

  3. I enjoyed this opportunity to get
    to know you better, Debbie. We share
    some of the same interests. I'd have
    to add needlework, beading, and drawing
    to my list. I love doing all kinds of
    creative things, all inspired, I think,
    by the Holy Spirit who is the source
    of all creativity as was talked about
    on another blog today.

  4. This is one of my very favorite of your posts Debbie! It reveals both your hopes, gifts, and willingness for God to be the one who controls all of it. I just LOVE this. You have spoken to me tonight my friend.

    Love you!

  5. Debbie, it has been a pleasure getting to know you, I am grateful for FB. I need to go inside to find my passion, b/c the things I am passionate about all seems to fizzle, but Our Lord will lead me where I need to be -- my heart's desire.

  6. God is so good, isn't He? I love how he brought children into your life, for you to pour into and "raise up". I didn't know how much you loved photography. Me and the camera are not good friends. Really enjoyed this post and I am thankful I got to meet you! You are a treasure!

  7. Debbie~ I read this via e-mail, but had to hop on here this morning and rejoice with you in how God used a difficult past few years to bless you in such unexpected ways.

    As much of a blessing as these precious 3 year olds are to you, I'm just sure you are even more so a blessing to them AND their families. I celebrate with you the wonderful things God does in our lives often in the midst of the hardest times.

    Much love and still often prayers~

  8. As so many others, love taking time out to read your blog...always uplifting and encouraging and interesting!

  9. As I read your post I smiled at your obvious joy in being able to work with children. God is using you through that experience to reach others for Christ as you share your stories. Plus, you have the added blessing of just being able to enjoy the kids.

    Thanks for sharing how God is working in your life!

    Blessings, Joan

  10. What a great post! I think it would likely do all of us good to do a post such as this. It's always good to stop by and read your uplifting posts. Blessings for a wonderful week with your sweet children!

  11. Since you have worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for 25 years, do you mind if I ask if there is such a thing as cleaning arteries that may have already been clogged? Without drugs?
    Strange for me to ask on a blog comment form I know.
    Richard Hobart

  12. Dear Debbie,
    I loved this post, it shows how God can turn our career paths around right in the middle of it. Your 25 years as a cardio vascular nurse will not go to waste. Somehow I believe that your time with children is just an interim thing, but so precious. Children need a model, and you certainly one for them. I also have a desire in my heart to see you take that needed refresher course and go back to cardio vascular. Just wanted you to know that it is on my heart for you.


  13. So glad you went ahead and posted for this Faith Jam.

    What's neat to me is that I can see all those passions so clearly in you from your blog! You are transparent in your writing and I love how you share your heart with us through your photos and words. And such a beautiful heart you have!

    Love you, Debbie!

  14. Debbie,
    I loved the idea of the "wordle, is that right? I probably should try that to remind of those things that are special to me. Sometimes we forget.


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