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WFW ~ Encouragement

It's Word-filled Wednesday and I'm linking up with the Internet Cafe.

Encouragement has become so important to me lately.  I know many who are in need of some encouragement, including me.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I'm currently reading a book about biblical affirmation to encourage others. This post really fits with that theme! Encouragement is so powerful.

  2. Debbie, You've been on my mind several times lately, so I thought I'd drop in for a visit. . . and found that you're posting today about encouragement! May I just say to you: Thumbs up! There are lots of sources, it seems, for mindless compliments and flattery. But real encouragement? That's a different story. Thanks for the call to the real thing!

  3. I totally agree. And I love the thumbs up photo because encouragement if far more than verbal.

  4. What amazes me most is that God gives us the strength to encourage one another even when our hearts are broken and our lives are falling apart. Truly His glory shines brightest in our darkness. AND He is our strength in our weakness!
    Praying for you always sister,

  5. Love the thumbs up! I agree. It is so important to build one another up. We all need it!

  6. Encouragement is very important. Thanks for sharing this bit, and keep up the good writing, Debbie!

  7. Debbie,
    Even though I've never met you in person, I feel like I have met you in heart. Your sweet, gentle spirit oozes out through your words here.

    I pray you can relax some this summer and rest. You have been such a blessing to so many people in real life and through the blogosphere that I pray the Lord will richly bless you with the encouragement you need!
    Love you,

  8. This is SO true! We all need encouragement. Thank you for visiting my blog today and encouraging me with your sweet comment. I hope you'll visit me again soon. Blessings!

  9. That is so cute, Debbie. You're a great teacher! Love and Hugs ~

  10. What an adorable picture. It made me smile just to look at it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Good post. We should always try and do this instead of tearing each other down. We need to help each other.

  12. Debbie,
    You are so on target...We all need encouragement....
    God is so faithful in prompting us to give encouragement to others...sometimes it can just be a smile.....our part is to just be obedient......

  13. Hi Debbie! Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I enjoyed your culinary camp pictures. This is a great verse and reminder for us to encourage others.


  14. Yes, I need it and as I go to work later, I will remember this...that I am truly not alone in this battle knowing I have awesome friends who love to encourage and we have the One Who sustains us with His strength. God bless and may you remain strong in His mighty power.

  15. What a great picture Debbie! I'm grateful for encouraging people in my life too!

    Bless you friend,

  16. Yes encouragement...you have been in my prayers, which were ignited this week through a devotional and scripture in Job..I posted on it.

    We all need encouragement and we all need to give it...when we give it we are also encouraged....you have done both!!

    Have a blessed, relaxing weekend.


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