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IOWT ~ David Wilkerson Quote

I'm hosting "In Other Words Tuesday" today.  I encourage you to join in even if this is your first time.

The quote I chose for us to write about is from the last blog post of David Wilkerson, founder of World Challenge.  He died April 27, 2011 in an auto accident.

I was so saddened to read of the sudden death of David Wilkerson.  I remembered reading the book "The Cross and the Switchblade" many years ago.  It was the story of how David worked with drug addicts and gang members in New York City.  The book was made into a movie and I remember being amazed at the transformation of  Nicky Cruz, a former gang member after he was led to the Lord.

I'm sure when David Wilkerson wrote his last blog post, he had no idea he'd be meeting the Lord later that day.  I guess none of us ever knows that for sure.

As I contemplate this quote, I can't help but think of the way my life has been turned upside down in the last few years.  So many changes.  And yet I continue to pray.

I must confess that there have been days when I cried out to God, asking if He'd forgotten me.  You see, my human emotions can get in the way at times.  But I believe by faith and I know that I know ...He will never leave me nor forsake me.  

He knows all the intimate details of my life:

  • Moving from my dream home 
  • Living in a temporary dwelling 
  • Returning to full time work 
  • Losing so much freedom
I may not understand the why's of it all.  But I trust my God who has my life in His very capable hands.  

Through it all, my eyes have been opened. 
  •  I have a new understanding for others going through challenges. 
  •  I am learning to notice the simple everyday blessings I used to take for granted.
  • I am learning to enjoy the moments along the way. 
  • I have been given an opportunity to work with little children.  The Lord knew how much I longed for children of my own for so many years.  So, in the midst of difficulties, He provided me with a job in a private school.  What a comfort and joy they are to me!

I don't know what the future holds.  But I listen for His still small voice as I read my Bible and pray.  I praise Him in the midst of the storm, trusting Him with my tomorrows.  Maybe one day I will understand but for now ...I continue to walk by faith.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Very nice, Debbie. God never closes a door without opening another. He is always with you! Just think of all the angels he has sent you in different people you may have never met! God is good.

  2. Dear Debbie,
    I admire you, for keeping focused on the positive aspects of your life.
    we so easily take our blessings for granted, health, economy, safety,freedom.
    I know your writing makes me thankful and reflecting over God's amazing grace.
    From Felisol

  3. Debbie -
    So glad you are still walking by faith. We must walk through life, and our choice is whether to do it in our own wisdom and strength or whether to ask God to help us walk it by faith.

    Blessing to you - Marsha

  4. David Wilkerson and his wife Gwen inspired me in my time of sorrow. I posted my comments in response to David's last post on my blog today at www.lilyvalley-karen.blogspot.com

    Thank you

  5. There is the key: walking on in faith. As painful as some circumstances are, walking in faith helps, doesn't it? It gets us out of bed each day and helps us press on. How do those without it function in crisis?

    Thanks for a great quote Debbie.

  6. Dear Debbie,

    Like you I read The Cross and the Switchblade many years ago. David Wilkerson was a man of prayer.

    Thank-you for sharing this quote. I went to his blog post and read the whole post--and shared it with my brother.

    Thank-you also for sharing your heart. God is indeed at work in our lives.

  7. I read “The Cross and the Switchblade” not too many years ago, after hearing about it for many years. It definitely was inspirational and was so sad to hear about DW’s accident last month.

    You have definitely been put through some changes, Debbie, but your faith and God’s grace shines so brightly.

    Thanks for the encouragement I get from watching your walk by faith!
    Love you,

  8. Its amazing what we can learn in these times if we would allow ourselves to learn. Such as the lesson of trust, faith, patience, and priorities. Good job hosting today. Thanks

  9. Debbie:

    This is such a great quote, and I knew there would be some good comments and sharing on this. I am not sure the comment posting button is working, but if so, I add my agreement to both the quote and the words you've shared. When we walk through some of those times, the words become very real don't they?

    Love you!

  10. And what powerful quote he left behind! But I'm sure his life lived even left a more lasting impression not only in this blog world but to those who knew him. I need to hear this today as I'm returning to this battle I'm in as I go back to work this Thu. after a month leave. But despite the darkness surrounding me, never I doubted that His light continues to shine...And I know in His perfect time....His light will appear...to expose everything hidden in this darkness. I'm not going to quit because I'm so thankful for His faithfulness and being with me all the time...God bless you sister Debbie and thank you for always encouraging my faith with yours.

  11. P.S.

    We will "finish strong!" in Jesus' Name. :)

  12. Oh Debbie,
    Someday soon we will see with eternal eyesight ALL He has been working out in our lives.
    How we need to cling to HIM!

    My challenge is to live out the truth that bringing Him Glory is all that really matters.
    "Help us LORD!"
    Blessings Precious Friend~ Jess

  13. Walking by faith is the best way to walk...though difficult at times. I'm so glad you are seeing the blessings God is giving you during this season in your life. He uses all things for the good!

    Blessings, Joan

  14. Debbie: Oh, I had no idea he died! Wow, what a prophetic post also. Debbie, it sounds like you have had some very tough times this year. I will continue to hold you up in prayer! Lori

  15. Hi Friend,

    It the midst of uncertainty your focus is right where it should be, on Jesus. Yes, we are human and discouragement can shift our focus onto ourselves, but when I read what you wrote in your post, the following scripture came to mind about you, because you continue to seek Him even when you don't understand why He is allowing the circumstances in your life. Your honoring Him through it.

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (New International Version)

    16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

    AMEN, Debbie
    God bless you friend,

    P.S. I was happy to see your comment on my one post, I responded to it. :o)

  16. I love how you can identify blessings in your life despite the many changes that you have recently experienced. Keeping our focus on God by being thankful helps keep us centered in our faith. Blessings!

  17. This week as our cart got turned over again and I cried and cried I kept retracing..."what have I done wrong?" So the part of this quote that hit me in the eyes (well it all did) was the part that he said, "it wasn't your fault"

    Thanks...I came to that thought today, it is for our good, even if I may never understand, God is still on the throne.


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