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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Roses and coffee ... a great combo for me.  Can we talk?

I used to struggle with Mother's Day.  My mom died six years ago and ...I miss her so much.

 I was unable to have children.

I truly believe mothers should be celebrated and honored.

But I would find myself cringing inwardly like I was a failure when the mothers were asked to stand on Sunday morning in church.  I'm sure many women who struggle with infertility can identify.

Fast forward many years.  I'm now well past child bearing age.

And God has blessed me.  No, I don't have my own children.  But I get to spend my days with 19 three year olds who shower their love on me and the other teachers.  What a blessing this has been!

And yet, I would never have imagined how special this time would be. Going through many challenges in the past years have taken a toll.  There were times when my emotions got the best of me.  But I'm learning to not depend on my emotions but instead to focus on the Truth.

God loves me.  He is with me through the storms of life.  

Even when I cannot feel Him, I know He is there.  And sometimes I just know ...He is carrying me.

I want to send warm wishes to all the mothers.  You deserve a day of well wishes and applause.  It's hard raising children in the day and age.  So ...

Happy Mother's Day!

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Very well put. You shared some nice thoughts here. I feel the same way you do. God really does make up for where we leave off so to speak. He really fills in the gaps.
    check out my latest post on my blog I Made It Through The Rain. I talk about some of this.

  2. God has surely been blessing you with those children at school! I've been enjoying reading all your posts about them and how they are touching your heart. Our God is compassionate, isn't He? Blessings to you this Sunday, Debbie! You are loved!

  3. I am so thankful that God has blessed you with children to pour your love into! Have a blessed tomorrow!

  4. Great post, Debbie! You said, "It's hard raising children in the day and age." and how right you are, but that job is made a little easier when it's shared with a wonderful teacher who cares for our kids when we are not with them. Teachers help mold our children (and in my case, my grandchildren) into the young men and women they will become. A great big THANK YOU to all teachers!

  5. Great post Debbie. I have friends my age (40) who don't have children but would love them, and it is so difficult for them. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love Paula xo

  6. Dear Debbie,
    Yes, I can understand that you haven't stopped missing a beloved mother. 6 years is a short time for a mother you had loved for your whole life. My Dad will have been gone for our years June first, and I haven't stopped missing him for one second.

    Your mother is in heaven and all her prayers for you still live on,- as does the love you shared while she lived here.

    I'm not familiar with the custom of mothers standing on Sunday morning in church.
    I find that strange and kind of discriminating.
    Mothers are blessed every day, why should they be honored prior to the rest of the female congregation?
    I bet you are not the only one sitting.

    Oh, this is my weak spot, always opposing, always being the woman against the stream.

    Nevertheless I mean I have the right to speak, since I was 38 till I became a mother and married,- in that order.

    From I was 18 I worked with children, in ordinary schools and in homes for mentally challenged.
    I know the work I did back then was equally, if not more important than that of being a mother.

    To give my heart out every singe day, but not being allowed the "rewards" of motherhood.

    I salute every woman (and man) working with children, in kindergartens, schools, Sunday Schools, institutions
    of various kinds. (My brother has worked for 30 years on a boarding school for youths with social problems. They are getting all his attention and he always says, he could never have done this, had he had children of his own).

    Oh, yes, Debbie, God loves you and he needs you in particular to feed his "sparrows".
    Thanks for being there making the world a better place.
    from Felisol

  7. Well said and thanks so
    much for your good wishes.
    I still miss my sweet mom
    too and she went home to
    Jesus in '99. I always
    looked forward to Mother's
    Day and showered her with
    gifts and kisses all day
    long! She was a darling.
    I know you must enjoy
    those sweet children and
    I believe the Lord put you
    in that position so you
    could bless them and they
    could add joy to your days.

  8. I love your heart for these sweet children that have been entrusted to your care. I am sure you are such a blessing to both them and their parents. What a HUGE and special role you play in their lives! Even more than you might ever know.

    Thank you for all your sweet wishes...Hope you have a wonderful day! HUGS

  9. Debbie:

    How beautifully you expressed this today. I love what Felisol said above.

    With mothers, it's all about the heart. God has given you that beautiful sharing, caring heart, and you are 'mothering' those little kids and others in your family wherever you go. So from me, and for your own mother, and mine, who are already in heaven, I wish you a beautiful day today!

    Love you sister friend!


  10. What a beautiful, honest post, Debbie. I just came back from time with my mom...even though the reason was to help her after her surgery, I came back with so much more than I gave her. I can only imagione how much you must miss your mom. It is obvious you are using your mothering skills in a different way than you expected...you are a blessing to those little ones and their parents.

  11. Thanks so much for this post.
    My mom has been gone for 8 years & it was 2 days after mother's day. I never had any children either. At my age...God loves me and I take care of his creatures that he sends by to give me love. Hugs

  12. I can relate to you missing your mom.

    Many times these past months, I have longed for the hug of my own mother. This always made me feel so safe and secure, and so loved.

    I thought of you today, dear Debbie.

    You have a mother's heart. I do appreciate having met you on blogland.

    Your posts always inspire and encourage.

    You have been a blessing to many, including me of course.

    Much love to you today.

    A blessed Mother's Day, dear Debbie.


  13. Happy mother's day to a woman that God has blessed and used so beautifully. You have impacted many!

  14. Mother's Day is a very emotional day for so many - not at all what Hallmark has in mind. My pastor even spoke of the difficulties some women go through on this day. Actually, not just moms, sometimes kids who didn't have the best memories of mom. It really can be a painful day for so many reasons. In fact, when I was a single mom, it was very hard, and I mean "very." But my girls are now adults, and frankly they were very thoughtful this year. They planned, oooked and cleaned up. Pretty special for me.

  15. a beautiful post....My Mom died four years ago and it was always a hard relationship because of her drinking and meds...but I still miss her....
    Hope you have a good week

  16. Hi, Debbie,

    Your kind and caring thoughts are always uplifting. I so appreciate your courage in sharing this post and I am glad God has brought you job with these little people in your life.

    Blessings to you - Marsha

  17. My mom passed away 2 years ago and like you, I miss her, especially during holidays. Also like you, we never had children. I am blessed in our new neighborhood to have several young children who come to visit and play with Harriet.
    May God bless!


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