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The Blessing of Children

What a blessing it has been as I continue to slowly read Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  I find myself on the outlook for those simple blessings each day.  Thank you for that new awareness Ann.

Last week our school had a pep rally.  It's a fun time as the Pre-K and elementary school cheerleaders and dancers got to entertain us.  There was even a contest for the teachers; a limbo contest!  Can you believe it?
Miss Debbie in the limbo contest (No, I didn't win; lol)
#9 The sounds of laughter and cheering

What an exciting time as fourth grader students were assigned to work with a three year old for a time of planting.  They taught the little ones how to plant seeds.  Now when we pass by the planters, the children will be looking to see what happens to their seeds over time.

#10 Little hands planting seeds for fresh vegetables

#11 Working together on a shared project

There's something so wonderful about teaching a child to read and write.  Each week in our class, a new letter is introduced.  Last week was the letter "S".  Of course, they learn both upper case and lower case letters.

#12  The sight of a child writing their letters

What a blessing it is to see the excitement and responsiveness as new stories are introduced to the three year olds. 
#13 Children attentive and listening to a new story

During this challenging season of my life, how thankful I am to be working in a wonderful school with little children.  It is a gift from the Lord!

#14 Working with a special teacher and friend named Heidi 

I'm so glad we get to work together each day.  At the end of the pep rally as the classes were dispersed, our class was the last to leave.  And guess what Heidi and I were doing with the children?


At the end of our day, Heidi and I felt the same as Christopher; so tired!

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. What a joy to be surrounded by children. Wrapped in their laughter and joy.

    Be blessed bunches sweet friend,

  2. What a beautiful beginning of your list of thanksgiving! Sounds like a great week!

    I love you and praise God for you in my life!

  3. I just love hearing about your school kids and seeing these pictures! They are blessing your life in so many ways. Good for Miss Debbie!! You got pretty low on that limbo bar! :)


  4. Dear Debbie,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful journey you are having with the children, a genuine match made in heaven.
    I'm sitting here smiling from joy as I 'm reading your blog and watching your pictures.
    Indeed uplifting reading.
    from Felisol

  5. How very special for the older students to teach the younger ones how to plant flowers! So special!

    Glad y'all had a great day! (Sorry you didn't win the limbo!!!)


  6. I just loved reading your post! A blessing indeed to be surrounded by children and the joys of teaching them. I also love how much they teach us. :)
    Have a blessed week.

  7. I work with kindergartners and I agree, they make our lives very blessed!

  8. I’m impressed with your Limbo flexibility. :-) I can add to my own gratitude list that I’m thankful we have started our lists at the same time.

  9. What a wonderful list of blessings...I agree too...not much better than days spent with sweet little kids. I am quite impressed with your limbo! looks like fun. How the kids love "teachers" doing things like this, haha...Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  10. A great list of blessings ......Children....

  11. Here from Ann's...I love your list filled with the joyful accomplishments of the children. They are sunshine in our lives aren't they?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Beautiful list and the joy of children jumps right off the screen!

  14. That book sounds wonderful! Thank you and blessings. Amy

  15. Such a special list! I especially loved the letter "S". The picture was just the sweetest with the chalk board at just the right height for that sweet little girl! I don't know why, but it moved me!

    I've read the book now about 2 and half times. The first time, I raced through, because I just had to get to the end. Then I went back slowly and tried to absorb it all more deeply. It's a life-changer, isn't it?

  16. Yes, children are like laughter, awfully good medicine! They are so lucky to have someone like yourself working with them. Blessings!

  17. Sounds/looks like fun and that you are blessed daily. Wishing you a wonderful week Debbie. May God bless.

  18. Children fill the day with joy. I work as a Special Ed TA, and I love being around those loving faces!

    Blessings to You,

  19. Had to leave another comment when I saw your photo of Carmel. My Hubby and I honeymooned there and have been back many times. The most recent trip was last June and I have tons of pictures from there on my blog--especially Pt. Lobos.
    You can check them out: http://openmyearslord.blogspot.com/2010/07/rest-for-it-is-rare-to-rest.html
    There are also other pictures scattered throughout June and July.
    It is such a restful, romantic setting.

  20. So cute. I know if I had tried to do the "limbo" I would have been sore, sore, sore the next day. The things one will do to keep the kids happy. LOL
    I'm so happy to see you having a good time. It makes my heart happy.


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