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Thankful Thursday ~ Life

It's Thankful Thursday and my good friend Iris of Grace Alone is hosting.  No matter what's going on in your life, there's always something for which to be thankful. 

I am so thankful that:
  • I enjoy my new job working at Rancho Solano Private School.
  • I get to work with the nicest co-worker named Heidi.
  • I am receiving lots of ideas from friends and bloggers about fun crafts to do with the children.
  • I get paid!
  • Best of all ...I love the children!
In the midst of this Christmas season, there's also been sadness.  Sandra Evans was the amazing designer who worked with me on our previous home.  Her son lost his wife and six year old son in a tragic auto accident this past week. 
Photo Credit: Funeral Pamphlet
My husband Greg attended the funeral alone yesterday as I had to work.  He described the service for me and shared how the pastor spoke about losing loved ones.  We are only here on this earth for a short time.  Their lives were a gift to those who knew them.

How can we be thankful in the midst of a tragedy like this? 

As Christians, their lives aren't over.  They will be with the Lord. 

It also causes me to pause and realize how very short life can be. 

I pray that I will love others with the love of Christ.  And this includes others who may not think or believe as I do.

Will you go out and spread the fragrance of Christ today?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I'm so sad about your friends, how precious she and her son are on this picture. Glad Greg could go and be there for both of you. Yes... time is short, and none of us knows the day we willl take our last earthly breath. So much still do be done.

    I'm so happy picturing you in this new place Debbie, with those adorable little kids. What a blessing, and like you said... you get paid too! :)

    Love you!

  2. I can't imagine the pain of those left behind are going through. May the Lord's strength and comfort cover them all. Thanks be to God for the hope believers have in Him. God bless you sister. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Oh, Lord comfort this precious
    family in their great loss. Just
    in the last couple of weeks we
    have heard of two families here
    who have lost their sons, one
    to a tragic accident, the other
    suicide. What would we do without
    the hope we have in Jesus Christ
    and eternal life? I thank God
    for both.

  4. So sad to learn of the loss of these two precious ones. My heart aches for the family. I will add them to my prayers. Blessings, SusanD

  5. Oh, our lives can change so quickly. We just never know what each day holds. It's all the more reason that we need to be about the business of telling folks the best news on earth, how to have new life in Christ.

    Thanks for sharing, I will be praying for this family.

    Heavenly blessings!

  6. Debbie -
    You are such a blessing to so many who know you or read your blogs. I am so glad to hear your new job is going well and providing you with genuine satisfaction.

    I am so sorry to hear of your friend's tragedy. Only God can comfort them at a time like this. ...Marsha Young

  7. Oh sooo sorry to hear about this young woman and her son. How sad....Praise God they knew Him and are even now dancing in heaven. I will pray for the family left behind that the Lord might bring comfort that only He can. Glad you are enjoying that job. Working with little ones is such a blessing, and money too, doesn't get much better. HUGS

  8. Praying for your friend and thankful for your new job!

  9. Oh Debbie, I am so very sorry about your friend. How tragic. I will certainly be praying for this man. Life is so short. We just never know, do we?

  10. So sad to hear about the accident =(

    Great to hear about how happy you are about working =) Children are awesome! =)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. That is so awful.Iwill keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. We have suffered through a loss this week too, as you know. While our hearts are broken, they are also encouraged. Our sorrow is swallowed up in the joy that is yet to come when we gather again.

    My condolences, friend.

    Love & hugs,

  13. I am so sorry...this has been on my heart this week also with so many tragedies. Prayers for that family...I can't imagine!
    You have been on my heart all week...so glad I have lifted you in prayer this week also.
    We say some pain in our caroling...I am so glad we went to touch others lives...that is what it is all about!!

  14. Dear friend, so sorry about your friend and her loved ones. The Mother and son are so precious in this photo and while this is sadness indeed I rejoice that they are with the LORD and I pray for the husband, and your friend and the rest of the family.

    You said it best here:

    "As Christians, their lives aren't over. They will be with the Lord.

    It also causes me to pause and realize how very short life can be. "

    Thanking God for you my friend.
    Love you and miss you!

  15. Debbie,
    We had spoken of these circumstances earlier. How sad it must be for this young husband and father. The beautiful pic. you posted makes it even more real to me. Thank-you for using this post to remind me that we can share the hope and love of Christ to those to whom we come in contact.

  16. Oh Debbie, God bless this young man. I can't imagine how devastated he must be. I'll be praying for this family.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your job!

    Merry Christmas friend,


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