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Remembering Mom at Christmas

Kelly of Sufficient Grace is hosting a special giveaway and an opportunity to share memories of your loved ones who are in heaven. 

Christmas was a very special time for my Mom.  She loved to get all dressed up and have the family together.  Although my mom is now in heaven, I miss her so much.  It's been more than five years since she's been gone.
My mom loved to cook.  We loved to sit together and sift through cookbooks.  Some people read books.  Although my mom was an avid reader, she loved to spend hours reading cookbooks.  She would collect lots of recipes and actually try them. The family either gave the recipe a thumbs up or thumbs down.  I still have her recipe box of favorites that I treasure.
My mom also loved to have a pretty table setting.  I found notes that she had written for each dinner party she hosted.  It wasn't unusual for her to have fresh flowers and of course, a special tablecloth and napkins.

My mom loved my dad.  She was so loyal throughout the more than 50 years they were married.  She saw the best in him.

My mom wanted our family to carry on the Norwegian traditions of Christmas.  We always celebrated on Christmas Eve and now my sister continues that tradition. 

My friend Kathleen of Sassy Granny shared this video recently and I thought it was so appropriate to remember my mom in heaven.

Do you have a loved one who is in heaven?  Would you like to share some memories?  It's not too late to link up with Kelly at Sufficient Grace.

Blessings and love,
Debbie Petras
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  1. What sweet memories of your beautiful mother. I know you miss her greatly, especially during the holidays. Sending extra *hugs* your way...

  2. What a precious post! My grandmother is in heaven and this year I am using some of her multiple copies music books...I made a wreath from one of them! So she her love of music is being shared in my home this year.

    What a treasure to have her recipe box...how many people have those now days?

  3. Such special memories. I lost my mom 5 years ago, too. I cherish the memories.....

  4. Your mom was beautiful--such a tender post--I'm been missing my precious mom for 13 years now--I still think of calling her from time to time before I realize that I can no longer do that.

    One day we will see each other again--what a beautiful hope!


  5. Such a sweet, sweet post honoring your mom. I know how you miss her and she'd be happy about this post.

  6. What beautiful memories of your mom!

  7. I know just how you feel, Debbie.
    My beautiful mother went home in
    '99 and I still miss her so much.
    She loved her family, God, life,
    cooking and needlework. She was
    so kind! I especially miss her at
    Christmastime. She enjoyed making
    our home beautiful with all the
    decorations and she would cook for two days prior to the family
    Christmas dinner making sure it
    was all just perfect.
    What a wonderful time of reunion
    it will be when we can hold our
    sweet mothers in our arms once
    As I've said before, your mom
    was just beautiful and you could
    see the love in her eyes.
    Love & Prayers,

  8. Dear Debbie,
    What a beautiful, gifted and strong mother you have, (I say have; she'll always live on in your heart,in your mind, in your traditions and of course in heaven, she simply is a part of you and will remain so.)
    I wonder if she's met my father. He had only three chores at Christmas time. !1. Find a large, nice tree and screw it tight to the foot. 2.Read the Christmas Gospel from Luke 2 at the Christmas Eve dinner table. 3. Dress up as julenisse and deliver the parcels after dinner was eaten and the marzipan pig was won by one lucky finder of the almond hidden in the rice cream.
    As he was "outed" from his julenisse disguise when I was 2, he by and by went over to reading the to and from tags under the Christmas tree an deliver the gifts to its rightful receiver.Much ado and my father was totally exhausted afterwards.

    I hope they sing in the big choir in heaven, both my dad and your mother. I hope they sing Silent Night and the Hallelujah choir.
    I think God appreciates hymns made to honor his son.
    I certainly hope they've been introduced, my dad and your mother.
    My father would always embrace my friends and their parents here on earth. I feel confident that hasn't changed in heaven.
    From your Norwegian sister Felisol

  9. Debby...thank you for linking up on Walking With you...and for sharing these beautiful family memories of your mother. And for the awesome, touching song/video. What a perfect song for this time of year, when we are thinking of those we love in heaven. My mother loved Christmas so much, and I miss her dearly. I have been reflecting, as I read these WWY posts, about the legacy we leave behind, the memories we make with those we love, the prayers we pray, the moments we share...the things that truly matter in eternity. Your beautiful mother left a lovely legacy. She seemed to be a person who brought beauty where ever she was. And, I can imagine her beauty shining in heaven. I wonder if she and my mother have enjoyed a little tea party...you know, if they have tea parties in heaven. I bet, if so, they made the table lovely! =)

  10. Your mother is beautiful. You and Christine look a lot like her.

  11. debbie, your mother's pretty just like you. love the things you said about your dear mother. i also love the song you shared this week.

    my two sons are already in heaven but i don't have memories of them because i lost them even before they were born. i do have fond memories while i was pregnant with them though. that is what i treasure now until i met them i heaven one day.

  12. Hi! Debbie~Thanks so much for that video you shared! just beautiful. I have both parents in Heaven, they passed 11 months apart My Dad passed Dec.27,20o3 and my mom passed Nov.19, 2004. And oh! what memories I run back to this time of year! Thanks again for your Heart of Love to let us share our memories!

  13. I'm always taken by how beautiful your mother was. I love what Felisol wrote above, and in that same choir I think my mom and dad are also singing and enjoying meeting each other! All that, and WE haven't even met. Funny how we can be sisters anyway, isn't it.

    Have a great week Debbie!

    Love you!

  14. she is so beautiful and what an amazing way to remember her!

  15. What a rich heritage, Debbie. And in spite of the "missing", we can rejoice in all the amazing gifts our mothers left us; gifts we open even today.

    The picture of your Mom & Dad together blessed me. So sweet!


  16. Your mom waa soo beautiful...and what wonderful memories you have of her. With my mom having had a stroke a couple of months ago I find myself holding onto her in a different stronger way. She's still with us, but she is not the same somehow. Thanks for sharing your memories. HUGS

  17. Your mom's pictures are beautiful! I see where you get your beauty from. My mom passed away 10 yrs ago. What I wouldn't give to have just 5 minutes to talk with her...

  18. I love the photo of your mom smiling, cooking and wearing an apron. My dad passed away when I was 14. I think of him often and see his face in the eyes of my blue eyed sons.

  19. Your mom is beautiful but your description of her character makes her even more beautiful...deep inside.

    I miss my mom, too as she was a great cook. Unfortunately, not inherited by me :) But I try...I miss all the prep she did and always make the holidays special for her family. The way your mom did.

    God bless you sister and I'm praying that I will see you come Tuesday? "Praying" always. Love to you.

  20. You certainly are your mother's daughter. You are beautiful my friend. I am blessed to know you.
    My mother went to Heaven on Oct. 8 of last year. Last Christmas was sort of a blur for me. I am sure our moms are dancing together now with the Lord.
    I miss my mom . . . but I know she with Jesus, just as your mother is.
    I love you my friend.

  21. It is easy to see, Debbie, that you are very much like your mother, inside and out, and it is a priviledge to read your memories of her at Christmas time. Knowing she is with Jesus brings comfort even when you miss her so. My mother-in-law went home to Jesus last year, and it gives me joy to think of her there with my brother and other loved ones who have gone ahead of us. This video tugs at my heart; thank you for sharing it.

    Blessings and love to you, Debbie,

  22. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Mom with us. I'm always moved to see her face and to hear of the precious times you had with her and the beautiful memories you house within your heart. You know personally that I feel that way about my Grandma and Grandpa.

    My heart misses them SO much but I rejoice they are with the LORD and one day I will join them.

    I love you.


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