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Praise the Lord in This Moment

Extravagant Grace

Giving thanks and praising the Lord are often done after we see an answer to prayer. 

But what happens when you're in the middle of a trial and you've not seen an answer YET?

What do you do?  Do you:
  • Become fearful
  • Complain that God doesn't hear you
  • Wonder what you're doing wrong
  • Asking the question 'why' over and over
  • Take matters into your own hands
  • Attempt to fix things your way
  • Get advice from friends
I'm joining eLisa of Extravagant Grace today.  She decided to launch a movement of praising the Lord in this moment.  Not when everything is going well (although that would be a good time to praise Him).  But even in the midst of trials and unanswered prayers, would you consider praising God in this moment?

eLisa is asking us to make a 31 day commitment to praise the Lord in this moment.  Would you be willing to join in?  She will be having giveaways, praise challenges and opportunities to link up.  I, for one, am looking forward to the next 31 days of praising God in this moment.

After spending some time alone in the mountains last week, I've had an attitude adjustment.  And I'm praising the Lord for that.  He spoke to my heart during that time when I was alone with no interruptions.  I'm also thankful that the Lord prompted my friend Millie to loan me the use of her beautiful home in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Thank you Millie and Dick!

Praising the Lord in this moment goes along with the Scripture teaching I listened to over the weekend.  Scott Samter of Opening His Word Together  was teaching on John 11:17-46 about the death of Lazarus.  In verse 40, Jesus had asked Martha to trust and believe Him and then she would see the glory of God.

Jesus asks us to believe and trust Him first.  And then we are look and see how He will answer in His way.

This was also confirmed to me when I went to church and John 11 was our Scripture reading.  I love when the Lord confirms a Word again and again.

This also goes right back to my theme for this year.  Does anyone remember? 

It was trust and obey.  My desire has been and continues to be to ...live fearlessly in 2010.

Have all my prayers been answered yet?  No
Will I make the heart choice to praise the Lord in this moment?  You betcha

Now, how about you?  Will you join with eLisa for this 31 day challenge?  Will you make the choice to praise the Lord in this moment?

You can find out more by stopping by Extravagant Grace.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I'm with you! :) I think it is a GREAT idea!

  2. Debbie,

    If ever I needed this, I need it now.

    Love ya,
    Debra Kaye

  3. A great post - I've been dealing a lot lately with giving thanks in all things!

  4. We are going through a rough moment with a child right now. Thank you for this reminder. :-)

  5. I think this is timely for anyone and everyone! What He really wants is for us to trust and praise and be thankful no matter where we are, in what situation. Sometimes that calls for our quick response, other times it's a way down deep decision and choice, but it's all based on who He is!

    Good thoughts Debbie, and doesn't it go right along with TRUST AND OBEY!!

    Love you!

  6. Good word in due season. Standing on His truth and not the circumstances...which means not letting my emotions dictate....so give praise!!!

  7. I just linked up and wanted to meet the other ladies joining in as well :) I'm glad you are making this commitment as well and hope to get to know you more this month! Your blog is adorable. LOVE it! You can consider me your newest follower :)

    Jami @Intentionally Living...

  8. Anyone who knows me knows
    I'm all about giving thanks
    all the time. We really have
    to make thanksgiving and
    praise a way of life for
    our own benefit as well as
    to bring honor to Him. I
    really enjoyed this, Debbie.

  9. Amen! Praising Him amidst life's turbulence, helps also in focusing not on the trials but on Him, Who is bigger, way bigger than any trial. I often think, Lord, if You willingly gave Your Son to save us, what else is not possible for You to give us? I choose to praise Him with you sister Debbie. Glory to God!

  10. What a wonderful idea - I'm in! and praising the Lord..just now..for bringing me by your blog -- I am always encouraged.

  11. What an awesome privilege that you had to get to spend time in the mountains and Flagstaff at that. I've only seen it from a distance (the snow covered mountain tops in the middle of summer) but what a vacation. No wonder you came back refreshed. God gave you the best of both of His worlds. Great post!

  12. I am so glad to have you join in. We all need to...together...in the trial. You know, that post...about the trial...wasn't suppose to go up until Wednesday. The Lord put it there just for you! So you'll see it again, fully edited in the next version, however!

    Bless you, Debbie. Let's praise Him together!

  13. Debbie,

    I'm a "try to fix it my own way" type of woman. Not good.

    I know this is my personality type, and I have to daily lay that burden at the feet of Jesus.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Great idea, and so true...that's why I named my blog after that song I love so much....

  15. You are right, Debbie. It is easy to be thankful when all is well. It gets harder when the days are not going so well...In my prayer tonight I thanked God for the moment...to see me through.

    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful, no matter what.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  16. Dear Debbie,
    I still find most strength by praying the Lord's Prayer.
    I often have to battle with its contents."Thy will be done." "Like I forgive"..It is a prayer challenging my heart and conscience every day.
    It's a relief to end it with "Thine is the power and glory for ever and ever."
    Midst in the darkness, I find comfort in this familiar sentence.
    I am casting all my worries upon him. I unload my burdens. And I know from experience the this far the Lord has been helping. Therefore I have placed a small Ebenezer stone in my garden.
    This far God has been with me.
    For certain; he will never ever let anybody of us down.

    I recommend reading the entire Psalm 55, and want to share this verse 23 "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He will sustain thee;
    He will never suffer the righteous to be moved."

  17. dear debbie,

    i was talking with a dear friend just yesterday
    about how difficult it is to praise him when
    our eyes do not see the results . . .yet.

    hab 3:17, 18 are my live verses right now.

    "though the fig tree does not bud . . .
    YET, i will rejoice in the Lord,
    i will be joyful in God my Savior."


  18. Hi Debbie, this again is an example of His perfect timing! I really needed to read this, this morning...
    On my way over to extravagant grace...


  19. Ideal way to walk through life...All of life:)

  20. Yes,,,this is what my Hubb's and I try to do all through our day...Right now there are many issues in our lives each day that we have to keep getting through.. But our mind set and Praise is Alwaya on Our Jesus,,,no matter what.. Since I began blogging this almost a year now,,blogs like yours and Tammi's,,, Lisa Shaws,,,WOW there are even more I could add..They have helped me to grow more in my daily walk with Him,,and I always share with my hubb's from these blogs... We are growing more and hopefully Praising Him more too. Its alllll the Holy Spirit,,,alll of this is about Him...
    Thanks soooo much again Debbie,,,for sharing your walk in Faith Hope in Jesus with alll of us!!!
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  21. Thanks Debbie for this post. Again confirmation in what God is doing in my heart. Continuing to praise Him in the midst of this breast cancer storm. I know He has purpose and a plan and I continue to trust Him, keeping my eyes fixed upon Him alone.

    Thanks for your sweet comments and for following along on my journey.

    Looking forward to hearing more from your heart.

    Much love in Christ,


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