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Sumstad Farm in Norway

How would you like to be raised by a couple of Vikings? Is this picture enough to scare you? Only kidding Mom and Dad; LOL.

Both of my parent's families are from Norway so that makes me ...100% Norwegian.

One of the benefits is tracing my family history. And it's helped since I've been blogging and on Facebook. I've reconnected with many relatives and even discovered a few that I have not YET met. It's been such fun!

Henrik Sumstad, my grandfather (my dad's father) came to the US with his younger brother Tomas Konrad on the Bergensfjordin ship departing Kristiania, Akershus, Norway October 15, 1923. They arrived in Elllis Island.

These are some photos of the beautiful land they left behind to come to America.

This is the Sumstad family farm. My grandfather was born and raised here. My parents have visited several times. I had the opportunity to visit once in the 1980s when cousin Kjell accompanied us. This is the boathouse in Sumstad. Several of these photos were sent to me by my relatives. No wonder I love mountains and water. It's in my blood. I think this photo looks so calming and serene. This is a close up of the Sumstad family farm. It was redone since I was there and looks really nice. I'd love to take my husband Greg to visit one day.

This photo came from Grethe Hagen's album. Hagen was actually my family name. But it was customary to take the name of the town for a last name when emigrating to the US. This is the tombstone of my great grandparents, Helga Hagen Sumstad and Kristian Hagen Sumstad. We visited the cemetery in Sumstad.
Isn't this a great view? My dad is always so happy when he visits this place.

I'm so thankful for the connection to my family in Norway and also many now in the Seattle area and also Minnesota. I've been told there is going to be a family reunion this summer. How fun that would be!

I hope you enjoyed a little bit about my family history. I'm so glad my grandparents made the choice to come to America. And yet, I'm also glad our family has remained in touch with those who stayed behind.


Debbie Petras
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I want to visit so badly! One day!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and information about our family!!
    I love learning about our heritage!!
    xoxoxo MISS YOU LOVE YOU!!

  3. Great shots! What a beautiful family history you have and the places you all have lived!


  4. What beautiful pictures. How fun to be able to actually see where your grandparents grew up etc. I LOVE things like that. You look like your mom I think Debbie. Soo pretty she was. A family reunion sounds like a really good idea.

  5. Debbie:
    This absolutely feels like home! It's like a page out of our Norway family scrapbook. (I am going to do a Norway blog one of these days too, and I've been looking at my pictures.) The 'water and the mountains' thing is also in my blood! In fact, I'm doing a blog tomorrow on where I live, and why I love it so much, and it's because of the water!
    Isn't Norway beautiful? I am SO excited that you did the posting!



    P.S.... I LOVE the viking horns!

  6. What a wonderful heritage!

    I'm an ancestry buff myself, so I greatly appreciate your own family roots. They tell us so much, and connect us to a far bigger whole, a far bigger picture.


  7. Those pictures are beautiful Debbie. What a lush and rich looking land!

  8. I think it's AWESOME that you can trace your family history to the very same place. I'm a Heinz 57, or full bred American mutt.

    How precious to stand where generations of your family have stood. I love it!

  9. That is a great story. I love the pictures. You have a great heritage. Doylene

  10. WOW! the photos were beautiful Debbie. I'm so privileged to have you share your family history with us. Beautiful....

    Love you.

  11. ...such picturesque photos! And this is a wonderful photo of your parents :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  12. This is a great post and gorgeous pictures dear Debbie. Hugs!

  13. Ah, this does look familiar! I've put a link to this from your comment ;)

  14. Dear Debbie,
    What a nice post about your roots in the heart of Norway.
    Mountains, a fjord, the specific architecture of the mighty "Troenderlaan", the red farmhouse.
    They are only built in the county of Troendelag and are just beautiful.

    It's such a good thing that you still are seeking connection with your roots. I guess your family know how to value just that.
    Also it is a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift.

    Your mother was a stunning beauty.
    Her bunad seems to come from either county Hordaland or county Sogn og Fjordane.
    My daughter has inherited a similar from her great grandmother.
    I do hope it's well taken care of, and that someone is wearing it on May 17th.

    Most members of our royal family also wear their bundads for Christmas. You can see their Christmas card on their home-sites, http://www.kongehuset.no/.
    I wish you a blessed Sunday.
    From Felisol

  15. Thank you so much for sharing these marvelous photos.
    I totally know how you dad feels and why he is happy when he goes back home. His heart is there :) - I feel the same way when I go back to Germany.


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