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Thankful Thursday ~ Gift

It's Thankful Thursday and Laurie of Women Taking A Stand is our host this month. Laurie is writing on the theme of gifts; using the gifts God has given to each one of us.

I'm thankful for the gift of encouragement. I love relationships with people and enjoy getting to know them better. However, sometimes the encourager needs encouragement. I feel blessed by the many friends who have walked beside me through the challenges in my life.

I'm thankful for the gift of writing. Although I'm certainly not an accomplished writer ... I enjoy it. I've journaled for years and have so many notebooks filled with writings. But blogging has become such a wonderful outlet for me. And in the process the Lord has brought many new friends into my life.

I'm thankful to be asked to write guest posts from time to time. Melissa Mashburn of Mel's World invited me to write in her series called Godly Gals. I have a post there today so I hope you'll take the time to ...visit her site.

However, the gift I'm most thankful for is ...the gift of Jesus.

Without Him, I don't know what I would do. He is my life line; the One I call on throughout my day. I'm learning that He is trustworthy and He is perfect love.

Throughout this Christmas season may your focus be on Jesus; the reason for the season.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie,

    You have such a beautiful HEART and it shines so brightly in all you do!

    Thank you for your great words of encouragement to me (all the time) and now in the Godly Gals series...you are so awesome!!!

    Thanks for all you do!

    Melissa in Mel's World

  2. Love that cartoon!

    Love your heart so willing to keep learning!

    You are such a blessing to us and I appreciate your love!

    Praying over you this morning!

  3. Jesus- the greatest gift of all..Amen to that!!

  4. How exciting to write on Mel's post. I am sure it will be wonderful. I will check it out later as I am behind today. Amen to everything you said. Have a wonderful day Debbie

  5. You are a precious gift from God's heart, love you.

  6. What a beautiful post, Debbie! I agree with you...I am most thankful for Jesus!

    Thanks so much for entering the giveaway extravaganza on my blog...good luck!

  7. Debbie,
    You have left an ENCOURAGING word at my blog today. I am very grateful.

    Loved your lists... now on to visit Mel's blog to read your post.

    Thanks for your visit today and your words. You blessed me!

    Hugs from Georgia!

  8. This is what I call a "gratitude attack". They're occurring all over the place, and in my most unscientific poll I've concluded it's because of the Lord. How precious!


  9. Bless your sweet heart...love your list of blessings...and you are one of mine!

  10. Hey Sweetie...

    and I'm thankful for YOU! You are precious to me and I always enjoy my visit with you.

    I want to wish you and your husband a blessed, peaceful and favored CHRISTmas and New Year dear friend.

    I believe that 2010 is going to bring GREAT things for both of you.

    Love you.

  11. Both great posts. Life would not be worth the living if it were not for our Lord.

  12. Great post. I enjoyed it very much. I always find so much to be thankful for on your blog. I am very thankful for finding you as a blogging buddy. Merry Christmas, Doylene

  13. I love the cartoon - it sums it all up very well! Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi Debbie,

    I thank God for your gift of encouragement too! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me and many others.

    I just read your post on Melissa's blog. Thanks for sharing with us such an encouraging post! Recently, the Lord has been reminding me wonderfully of John 15:4-5 too! Surely this is no coincidence. I have been praying and asking Him to teach me how I may walk more closely with Him and be more fruitful in His kingdom. And the Lord in His faithfulness has led me to read some articles as well as listened to sermons on John 15 and Abiding in Christ.

    So I am so thrilled and encouraged to read your post at Melissa' blog. With God helping me, I am going to emulate your 3 points to offer myself daily to our Lord, to allow Him to transform me and to remain in Him.

    Thank you for sharing with us. May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to many!

    Warm Regards,

  15. When I need encouragement, your blog is a place I turn to. I agree with your sentiments about blogging. It has become a good outlet for me too. Unlike journaling, it is a way to share what's on my heart with others.

  16. You offer great encouragement. Praying you receive some in return. Great post!

  17. Debbie:
    I love that you were chosen to do an article as a Godly woman. You are one and you are such an encouraging voice to women all over this blogland, I'm one of them.
    Thanks for always having a good and timely word, and... be encouraged today that God is using you to so many others!

    Love & hugs...


  18. Hi Debbie,
    I agree...you have that gift of encouragement:)) and recognizing this gift is an act of gratitude and calls for an action:)) And you never failed God... Your blog is very inspiring! It is full of encouraging words and wits.
    I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and may each of your coming days be always be a wonderful time of the year:))

  19. You have such a gift of encouragement. Surely you share encouragement daily as you blog, but I know personally how it over-
    flows into your personal friendships, and to your family. And the great thing about it, is that you take every opportunity to point people back to the Lord.
    Love you,

  20. Loved your post at Mel's blog...wonderfully written.

    His gift to us indeed the best gift ever given to me. I wonder why some people never open it...

    Be blessed today and always...

  21. Beautiful post....best of all, the most wonderful gift is Jesus.
    Love you, h


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