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In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Busyness

Today I am pleased and honored to be hosting In Other Words Tuesday. I encourage you to join in even if this is your first time.

Simply write a post on the following quote and then link up with us below. It's fun to visit other participating blogs because we often have a unique approach to our weekly quote. I often learn much from others.

So here's my quote for this week:

I chose this particular quote since the holidays are a very busy time of year. Thanksgiving is over but Christmas will soon be here.

After all, there's much preparation involved to celebrate ...the birth of Jesus.

But are you becoming so involved and preoccupied with the events and traditions of Christmas that you miss out on what's most important?

Can you identify with any of these Martha traits?

  • House must be decorated and perfectly clean
  • Dozens of cookies made
  • Shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends
  • Wrapping each present with the latest gift wrap
  • Baking pies and cakes
  • Sending Christmas cards to everyone you've ever known

Maybe you could add a few of your own?

But how about Mary? Martha was a bit irritated with her sister since she wasn't helping with all of the preparations. After all, they had a special visitor in their home and she wanted everything to be perfect.

But what did Jesus say to Martha?

"Martha, Martha," the Lord anwered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet and listening to what He said.

So how about you? Are you going to choose to be a Martha or a Mary this year?

Debbie Petras
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  1. Great post and GREAT quote! I am going to have to write that one down. I had to join in this week- it is such an important topic as we go into this hectic season. In fact, I am at the Internet Cafe tomorrow talking about the same thing!!!! I choose Mary as well, but boy, Martha likes to sneak in!!!!


  2. Great post and thank you for hosting this week! I really LOVE the photo you posted.

  3. What a nice thought to focus on just before Christmas. Unfortunately I had some things to add to your list of things that we put before God. My goal is to be a Mary but praise the Lord I'm forgiven for those moments in my life I find myself in the kitchen with Martha!

  4. Good morning Debbie - thank you so much for being the hostess this week. And thank you for sharing that particular quotation - I have a little bit different perspective on this topic, all while agreeing with you completely that we should all choose to be Mary. The realities of life sometimes overtake our best intentions, however, but when given the choice between sending our Christmas cards to 300 relatives or focusing my mind on the Lord . . . .well, I know what I choose! If all my choices were that easy ;o) Thank you again, and have a blessed Tuesday. Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

  5. I have to confess I am a Martha but I also think God gave her some good qualities we can learn from. She wasn't a bad person but her problem, like mine, was knowing how to have balance between what needed to be done and what was really important. I will strive for balance and remember to make the Lord my priority over busyness.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!!!! I hope to get my post up by tomorrow ;)...I'm always running behind but I love this weeks quote. My most recent posts have really touched on this! :)

  7. Oh I definately want to be Mary. To sit at HIS feet, to be in HIS Presence, to experience HIS Peace that HE so freely gives.

    Yes ~ I choose Mary

    Love you Debbie

  8. Oh Debbie I am afriad I am a Martha at heart. It is just soo me. I fuss to make things comfortable and good for people, and want things to be just right. Cleaning is just something I HAVE to do, haha...But I have learned this lesson more than once...I must be a Mary first, in order to be a good Martha. Thanks for this, I needed the reminder. Have a good day, Blessings, Debbie

  9. Well, I choose to be Martha after she learned this lesson! Because I see the Martha in subsequent scriptures one who had learned to trust. I like to think she had found the balance of her ministry and her relationship.

    Great food for thought this week. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Do I identify with the Martha traits? Are you KIDDIng??? And yes, I could add several more columns.
    Funny, isn't it? How the Lord directs us to just the right quote for just the right time and season.
    What an excellent quote you've chosen. I'm learning much and gaining much visiting everyone today.
    I chose to be Mary & Martha -- like MiPa says: "after she learned this lesson!"
    Happy Day!

  11. I love this quote and I love participating in IOW. Sadly the Martha in me didn't allow it this week. Boy is this timely for the holidays! Bless you for choosing this topic and affording us a little perspective!

  12. Great post, and a good quote to contemplate during this busy season!

  13. Hmm...are you talking to me? ;-) What a great quote and one that I need to ponder more. Thanks, Debbie!

  14. THANK YOU so much for choosing this quote for this time of year! It was so appropriate and definitely pricked at my heart.

    HUGS to you my friend!

  15. Your picture says it all. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  16. Thank-you Debbie - what a timely reminder. I too, choose Mary. I admit it will be hard - lately it feels like I'm even trying to run circles around Martha. But I want to do better. I think one of the key words is "choose."
    Today's BSF lesson was so powerful.
    Although Mary and Martha were not the subjects of the discussion, we were reminded of how important it is to spend that time with God each day; not just so we could check it off the list of things to do, but to really spend time with Him. This is so important.
    thanks again for a wonderful, powerful post. Love you, praying for you.

  17. Debbie, I'm late (as usual) but got my post up.. I REALLY enjoyed this quote, thank you for sharing. I choose martha too.. and will be seeking God's grace to not make it as hard as I want to!

  18. Well, maybe Martha before the guests arrive, and then Mary...lol.

  19. Great post and quote! For all of us, there is a balance - both women served Jesus... one of them was just too busy to enjoy Him in the midst of the service. ;-)

    I am naturally a Mary - and must force myself to be more "busy"! (I would sit all day with laundry piled around me and spend time with Jesus!)

    What I pray for is a heart like Mary's and a home like Martha's.

    Love you...and praying for you...

  20. What a timely quote to be thinking about. Thanks for sharing. I am reminded of this daily it seems and I'm so glad God is helping me through!

    I am having a book giveaway, I wondered if you or your sister would be interested. It will be till Friday if you are.

    Hugs to you,

  21. I'm already feeling the Christmas "Martha" crunch but choosing to be like Mary!!

    Thanks for sharing......I needed to be reminded, AGAIN!

    "Mary" Christmas & Sweet Blessings!

  22. Thanks for the reminder, Sandy.

    I've been known to go a bit overboard with the Christmas cards and cookies :)

    I'm so thankful for you and your blog :)

    I hope you are having a good week, friend!

    Kate :)

  23. Some of these postings hit pretty close to home! A good reminder. I checked in on Tuesday, but was 'too busy' to read it all the way through!! Thanks Debbie, you always have a good word to share!

  24. Dear Debbie, I'm lucky, I'm finished serving Martha time.
    My ME diagnosis set me free.
    I do admit I've done all the things you are mentioning plus some more, celebrating mine and Gunnar's birthdays in December, producing dozens of handcrafted angles for the
    school's Christmas sales,
    Going to England, 6 years in a row, making Christmas gift shopping for every member of my family to every member of my family, including myself. Serina has always been able to manage shopping on her own. She's gifted in every sense of the word.
    I have however always attended at least two church concerts and
    divine service Christmas Eve.

    This year Gunnar is redecorating our master bedroom. That means every single item is moved out of the room and the rest of the house more or less left in chaos.

    Do you know, it's actually liberating. I have 20 boxes of decorations stored in the attic. I can't even get them down.
    So many things we can do without. I had a Christmas craft workshop here in my kitchen December 1st.
    The four hiker ladies made youlenisse from cones, moss and stones gathered last Tuesday hike.
    We laughed, ate smoerbroed and finished in silence listening to Mahalia Jackson singing Silent Night.
    Perfect Martha & Mary time.
    First Sunday of Advent I attended a mighty song sermon in our church.
    Next Sunday will be another song sermon, 8 choirs performing the lightening of the second candle.

    What a blessing it is getting old.
    From Felisol

  25. I meant to add that I did read it all the way through today, and loved it. Funny how much we see ourselves in these women, some days Martha more than I wish!

  26. Hey girl check in when you can, praying for you.

  27. Dear Debbie,
    I prayed for you this morning, also asked for a word to send you.
    This is what I got.
    Isaiah Chapter 43

    "1 But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and He that formed thee, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name, thou art Mine. 2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. 3 For I am the LORD thy God, The Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour; "
    Oh, Debbie,HE sees you and He is by your side.
    From Felisol

  28. I led several weeks of study on Mary and Martha using Joanna Weaver's book--Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

    Both ladies' qualities are necessary, but it's about balancing our service and worship to/of HIM.

    Thanks for a great post!

  29. Love this! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. We are making a deliberate effort to slow down and really focus on serving each other and serving others this Christmas season. It has been a joy to watch my kids start to make the connection between what it means to serve in Christ.

    And funny enough my next post is on redeeming my time :-). I'll link when I finish.

    Blessings to you today Debbie!


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