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Lexi Is No Typical Teenager

When you think of teenagers, what first comes to mind? Self absorbed, don't want to be seen with their parents, and moody might be a few.

Well, I want to introduce you to someone who doesn't fit that mold. Is she a teenager? YES she is but ...she's just the opposite of most teens I know.

Her name is Lexi and she just happens to be the daughter of Jill of Forever n Ever n Always. If you know Jill, you won't be surprised that she'd have a daughter who also loves children and cares about others. After all, she has 7 brothers and sisters. She is tech savvy but I think that's a good quality.

Lexi started a not for profit organization called Jumps4Joy. She even has a blog that you can visit. I asked if I could interview her because I wanted to stimulate some word of mouth about this worthy cause.

I also wanted people to see that not all teens are self-absorbed and concerned only about themselves. There's hope for this next generation and ...Lexi is a great example.Here's a list of questions I emailed to Lexi along with her answers:

1. Most teenagers your age are more focused on themselves. You have such a heart for others, especially children. How did this come about?

God truly has remolded me over the years I have been a teenager and He has given me a heart to serve children in 3rd World Countries. I think it all started when I went on my first missions trip with
Compassion International to Guatemala. I don't think I truly realized how poverty stricken the children we sponsored were until I literally stepped into their 2 room house with tarps as a roof and tin slates as walls. I will never forget the moment when we asked a mother where
their "toilet" was and she looked at us like we had 3 heads and said very plainly, "There isn't one". The only latrine that we would actually recognize as a toilet was a few miles away. Also being able to see where my siblings have come from made a difference in my walk with God. Its so humbling to see people in need and then hear them give
thanks for the little belongings they do have.

2. What is it like being the oldest of 8 children? Do you ever get time alone? Do your siblings look up to you as an example?

Being part of a big family is lots of fun. Yes, there are always going to be hard days...but we all work together because its what God calls each of us to do. I go to a co-op one day a week and have multiple music lessons and dance lessons. I am also super busy with school and jumps 4 joy stuff, so, I am never really bored. =)

Yes, all of my siblings look up to me and I know it is a big responsibility. When I read God's word, He shows me how I need to act and conjure myself as to be a godly role model for my siblings.

3. Have you had the opportunity yet to visit any of the countries where your brothers and sisters came from?

Yes, I have visited Guatemala 4 times but have not had the
opportunity to travel to Africa yet. =)

4. I know you’re only 15, but do you have any idea what direction God is leading you for your life in the future?
Well, I know God is calling me to minister to children, whether it be in Africa or Central America, I'm not sure. I have felt the call of God to help them and thats one reason why I started Jumps 4 Joy. I also love
my teen generation and I would also love to be a teen speaker to encourage teens to step out of their comfort zone and do hard things. The book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris inspired me to start Jumps 4 Joy. I LOVE this book and encourage all ages to read it!

5. On a real personal note, how is it to have Jill as your mom? J (I think she’s awesome.)

She is totally awesome. I love you mom!!

6. Is there any lesson you’ve learned that has impacted your life the most?

Reading the book, Do Hard Things, really made me look at how I was living my life. Was I wasting it? Was I living the desires of God? Or the desires of myself? On September 19th, I was privileged to go to the Do Hard Things (The Rebelution) Tour in Washington D.C. I got to meet Alex and Brett and their sessions were amazing. I learned so much
about myself and how the low expectations of the world and our minds can put shackles around what we believe teens are capable of. 100 years ago, teens were getting married, getting their first job at 9, becoming captains of their own ships at 12, and becoming the only nurses in their village to the sick. You look around now, and you think, "These teens were once active and successful?" It's so sad and teens are capable of so much more than the world expects us to do.
Doing hard things is following the desires of God and surpassing your limit to do something bigger than yourself.

Lexi, you rock! So, what can you do? I'm so glad you asked.

Debbie Petras
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  1. You are right, this is one impressive teen! Thanks for sharing! I may have my youth group look at this.

  2. That is so sweet of you to post that about Lexi, Debbie. She is precious and so mature for her age. She is an outstanding teenager. I enjoyed the interview very much. Jill and her family are awesome indeed. Love and Hugs, Cathy

  3. Lexi is a unique teen with special interest and personality. It's obvious that she is not only a beautiful girl but a gifted one! Our love to her and appreciation!

  4. As a Mom myself of a very precious, non typical 16 year old daughter I can very much relate to Jill and Lexi.

    Lexi is clearly a JOY as I call my daughter, "My Joy".

    Lexi is very special and the interview was awesome Debbie. My prayers are continuing for all that GOD is going to do even more through and in that precious little girl.

    And I adore her Mom too!

    Love you dear friend.

  5. What a precious young lady Lexi is. Funny, even as I typed the word "lady" I am reminded how that is somewhat old-fashioned, archaic (sp). But I mean it in the nicest sense of the word; there really aren't enough ladies in our world - young or old. What a blessing to read about such an awesome teenager.

  6. Such an amazing, awesome, and very precious young woman. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lexi seems to be well reflected and capable young woman.
    We have an expression "To grow with the tasks one is given."
    I think Lexi has done that.
    I also think many of our wonderful young people are fostered only to be a consumer group and nothing more.
    It's so sad really. They are kind of lead to believe they must live in a selfabsorbed, consuming limbo until they have finished their education or stop to get married.
    What a waste of time and resources.
    Lexi is a lighthouse for her generation, and I also think you Debbie in writing about these issues are doing an important job in waking up overprotecting, spoiling parents like myself.
    Have a nice week-end.
    From Felisol

  8. I've read about Lexi before. What an amazing young lady! Thanks for putting some focus back on her and her mission.


  9. What an awesome young lady. She has her act together more than most adults.

    I know her parents must be so proud of her.

    Thanks for writing this Debbie.



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