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The Beauty of Spring

I love spring. Even in Phoenix, it's a time when it's comfortable to be outdoors and yet ...the temperature hasn't reached those hot but dry triple digits.

I've been so inspired by many other bloggers who post photos of spring blossoms. I love how many of you are teaching your children about the changing seasons.

So, the other day I went outdoors for a walk and I took my camera along. I wanted to look at nature and find things of beauty that I could share with you.

I wanted to show you ...Phoenix in the spring.

You can find cactus everywhere. There are many different types. But beware!

You don't want to touch them or brush up against them. They will stick you and it's very hard to get the little stickers off.

I even found this cactus with yellow blooms. As I tried to get a close up shot, I realized there were bees inside. Yikes! I stepped back very quickly.
Now before you think all we have is cactus, we do have some very pretty spring blossoms.
I don't know if you can see the pink bouganvilla and the pretty purple buds on the trees.
And by the time I returned home from my walk, I was almost ready to take a dip in my pool. But, I still think the water is too cold. I know many of you Northerners will laugh at me. But you do get used to the warmer weather after living in Phoenix for 25 years.

I've been asking God to give me a new perspective as I go about my day. Instead of taking nature for granted, I want to see with my eyes the beauty of God's creation. I remember hearing Beth Moore say one time ... "show off for me God". I echo that statement.

I memorized Psalm 19 and love to say the words as I look up at the sky or at the mountains or flowers or listen to the birds as they sing.
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge." Psalm 19:1-2
Will you make the choice to open your eyes and see the beauty all around you?

I'm so glad that we can get a glimpse of spring from a variety of places in this world with bloggers from all over. Why not share what spring is like where you live?
Debbie Petras
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  1. I like how each region has its own kind of beauty and changing of the seasons. I also like the verse from Psalms.

    Aren't digital cameras great? I just have a little Fuji point and shoot digital camera but it takes great pictures and it's fun to share them so easily.

  2. Beautiful pictures Debbie! I had a business trip to Texas many years ago and I was so excited to see a cactus! I thought I'd see the kind you showed in your first picture. I was so disappointed (ha).

    You have a beautiful pool!

    Love & blessings,

  3. Hi Sweet Sister! I'm back in town and back online and not able to visit everyone until tomorrow but I had to run over here to visit with you. You were on my heart this weekend. I even spoke your name to a beautiful woman I met this past Saturday at my girlfriends Wedding. She looked so much like you that I thought it was you!!! I ran over and said Debbie!! It's me Lisa! O my goodness what a sight I was!!!

    She said, "Who?"

    Long story short -- it obviously was not you (smile) but we had such a good visit and I told her that she has a beautiful look alike online. I could not remember your blog address so I told her to get in touch with my blog and I'd direct her to yours. She's not a computer person but I hope she will reach out. What a sweetie she was. She looked so much like your online photo.

    I love the photos you shared of Phoenix. You would be shocked that I have a cactus on the side of my house here in Florida. I've never seen one upclose until we purchased this house.

    I love you Sister!

  4. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

    I have always wanted to visit Arizona and your photos really seal that on "my bucket list", lol.

    I continue to marvel at God's awesome creations....in fact, my blog is named in honor of them all!

    I live in New England so we get the four seasons, and I love it. Right now, my yard is covered in violets (and dandelions, lol)...and I have a mama hen ready to hatch her babies any day now. Now *that* is spring! :)

    have a blessed day~


  5. Here in No. California, we have beautiful springs. We experience the seasons, with the exception of snow here in the valley, though up the road 15 minutes there will be snow. Anyway, Spring is absolutely lovely here, but, alas, due to horrible seasonal allergies, we haven't been able to get out much since April 1. Seriously, it's so bad it's miserable inside, and worse outdoors this year. Paul was even diagnosed with asthma this season. Crazy!

    I love your pictures, though. So lovely.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous shots! Springtime in Phoenix is beautiful. I'm so glad you're enjoying God's display of His handiwork. Imagine, just when we see how beautiful it is in some places on earth, what a foretaste of Heaven we're getting!

  7. Yes, the colors and sights of the desert in spring are spectacular. The drive to my home is especially beautiful, as my community is desert landscape. The oranges and yellows, the brilliant pink blossoms on cactus and desert trees are magazine perfect. Framing the whole gallery are the mountains. And every morning and every evening is a whole new canvas; God never seems to run out of ideas. Isn't He amazing; isn't He awesome; isn't He great? What a mighty God! Makes me want to sing "Fairest Lord Jesus."

  8. Thanks for sharing sweetie, enjoyed your spring tour.

  9. It is so neat to see pictures of a different area of our great country. Caleb will like to see your cactus, I'll have to show him the picture.

    Thanks for sharing Psalm 19 also, I think I'll mark that to read.

  10. Now this is the way to take a walk every day!
    Giving God glory with you!

  11. Oh, that sounded pretty much a serene walk, Debbie^-^ and I really liked the Psalm verses. Those verses are very refreshing and uplifting, no matter what you go through in life. It's a breather to me:)) I used to bring a booklet (Psalms) when I do an early morning walk in the park when I was working in Taiwan. The beauty is always around us- only sometimes, we forgot coz we're too busy^-^
    Your pool is tempting:)

  12. Hi! I found you on Beth's "I'm heading toward my Destiny" blog!

    Great photos! Never been in your neck of the woods so things do look a little different than here in NC....but God's creation is awesome anywhere we go!

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. I'm always so fascinated by cactus - they look like they are from an alien planet. amazing.

    For two months in Spring Norway is just one big slushy. Icy, watery snow mixes with dirt and you have to hop to the dry bits when on a walk. I understand now why God made Norway so steep - so all the melted snow cab run off the land into the fjords.


  14. STOP IT!!! I have already asked if I can scrap some pennies to go home, you are making me home sick!! {{{HUGS}}}

  15. Everything is blossoming beautifully right now. I went to play my last tennis match for this league last night, and I haven't been to the park in two weeks because of being sick and then going on my honeymoon. But the park looked totally different because a lot of the bushes had bloomed while I was gone. It looked and smelled gorgeous.

    ~ Kristi

  16. Love the photos and makes me really miss AZ. Not to mention warmth. We have had rain for almost 10 days straight here - much needed of course - but enough!

    You are such a beautiful person Debbie - I'm so blessed to call you friend and Sister!



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