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Book Lover

I'm a serious book lover! I admit it.

My love of books began as a young child. Before the age of seven, I led a very sedentary life because of a congenital heart defect. Since I wasn't able to run and keep up with the other children my age ... I often sat and read.

Not long ago Lisa of Family Life awarded me the Bookworm Award. You're supposed to grab the closest book to you and say what it is.

Well, as I'm sitting at my computer the closest book to me is "Streams in the Desert". It's a daily devotional that provides words of comfort, encouragement, hope and strength from the Scriptures. It was a gift from my good friend Helen since I was going through a difficult time.

But I have to admit that ...I have a book problem.

Just take a look at this picture of the closet in my office. I converted this closet into bookshelves. And this is just one side of the closet. The other side is packed full of books too. I hate to admit it but this is how it looked after I picked out lots of books to sell.

You see, I need to downsize.

So, I decided to have a book sale at my house. I sent invitations to many of my friends and I got the house ready.

Not too many people showed up. I guess they have lots of their own books and didn't need more. I understand!

Here are a few photos from my book sale.

Thank you Sue, Barb, Chris, Helen, Anna May and Jack!

I didn't realize how many cookbooks I had accumulated.

I really do love to cook but I doubt I've used all of these cookbooks!

I also have lots of Christian books and I didn't even begin to touch my health and fitness books.

So, if you live in the Phoenix area and are looking for some good books, email me. I'll make you a good deal!

If anyone has had experience selling books online, please leave a comment and tell me of your experience.

I would also love to hear from other book lovers. Maybe I need to do a bloggy giveaway. After all, I also have a few brand new healthy eating cookbooks.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh Debbie, we have something else in common. I am a book LOVER too! I also love to buy several copies of books and give them away because too many of my books have walked away -- never to return. Ha.

    Most of my books are Christian books - especially about spiritual warfare, testimonies and the like. I also have devotionals of every type.

    Maybe I'll take pictures of my book collection too. I had enough of a collection that I took some to our mountain house as well. lol

    I can identify with your love of books!


  2. Wow!!! Deb, those are a lot of books! lol

    Happy Monday to you, my friend!

  3. We enjoyed your book sale so much. I too love to read and am passing that love onto my daughter Chris. She was so grateful to buy so many of your books, some of which she can use as gifts. Thanks so much Debbie.


  4. From one book lover to another I totally understand. I passed this along to Phx people and let them know, we will see if they need some books.


  5. Books books books. Boy I know about books. My husband may be the greatest book lover in Arizona. (You might challenge that. ha)
    When we retired we had a book case built floor to ceiling on a whole wall in the family room. He turned the small walk-in closet in his home office into a place for books, etc. Plus 3 or 4 book cases in that room. He took many many boxes of books to the Central Christian Bookstore in Phoenix. They buy used books there. If you haven't checked that out you may want to.
    Guess what's on his list for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Books.
    I enjoy reading too. I just finished a book and have 3 others started. It's pretty nice to have so many good books handy.

  6. My dear husband and I are book people and on-line booksellers. If you saw our shelves, you might laugh. We have over 6000 books in our garage. Those are inventory. Our own collection, well, I've never counted them, but I know there are several hundred. If I didn't live 800 or so miles away, I'd be right over. We're always buying books, for ourselves and the business.

    If you want to give it a shot selling them on-line, try alibris.com. They have a program of some kind for "casual" sellers, to make it easy for folks like yourself. Just don't expect too much for them, and be careful about those big heavy books. Shipping can eat your profits alive. Have fun.

  7. I have the SAME problem!!! Too bad I don't live closeby or I'd drop by and have a look.

    I need to go through my bookshelves and take some to our library. They have an annual book sale to raise money for the library so it's a good cause.

    I have heard about sites online where you can sign up, create a list of books you have and swap them with others for the cost of postage.

  8. Dear Debbie,
    I am also being blessed with a book overflow.
    After my father died my mother wanted to clear out a room for my brother and his record collection.
    We got a carload of books, and it showed many were duplicates.
    We have a problem storing our books, but nevertheless we buy new books --every week.
    Reading is absolutely essential. We had to let the open spacey roomexperience go long time ago.

    I simply cannot understand people throwing away books. It makes me shiver.
    Favorite boo last year was that from Barcelona by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Norwegian title; the shadow of the wind. About books. Mysterious and romantic as well.

    The book nearest to my left hand is my old Bible, to my right hand Complete works of William Shakespeare, and an English and German glossary.

    I also have thought of selling the doublets online, but am reluctant because of the expensive freight.

    Good luck in your project.
    From Felisol

  9. ME TOO!!!!!!! :D HOLYMOLY that's alot of books! I must admit I don't own very many cookbooks! Ha!! :D

  10. Well, as a matter of fact I did go to Debbie's book sale, and if you live in the area, you need to get in touch with her. Beautiful books. I couldn't resist the cookbooks - hey, if I never cook one thing out of them, they look great sitting on the counter! It's always fun to come to your wonderful home Debbie. Love you, h.

  11. Well, as a matter of fact I did go to Debbie's book sale, and if you live in the area, you need to get in touch with her. Beautiful books. I couldn't resist the cookbooks - hey, if I never cook one thing out of them, they look great sitting on the counter! It's always fun to come to your wonderful home Debbie. Love you, h.

  12. I'm considering having a booksale of my own. I unpacked all my books, and there are things in the collection I know I will not be reading, so maybe I'll get going on my Amazon marketplace account soon. :)

    ~ Kristi

  13. From one book lover to another, here's a quote for you:

    "When I get a little money, I buy books. If any is left, I buy food and clothing." - Erasmus

  14. Ohhhh me too! I love books and have many! One thing I have done that helps me get rid of books AND get more is PaperBack Swap. It's wonderful way to trade books. I have a direct link on my blog sidebar if you are interested.


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