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Searching for Satisfaction

Where do you search for satisfaction?

Where do you look to satisfy your emotional longing for affirmation, love and acceptance?

Do you find yourself trying to meet your needs in your own way?

How many times have you opened the refrigerator to search for something to eat ...when you're not really hungry?

Or looked to others to try to make you feel good about yourself?

I was honored to write a guest post for Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage today.

Now, before you say that's not me. My husband shares my faith or I don't have a husband; I'm single. We all search for satisfaction in one way or another. I think there's a message for all of us, no matter what our marriage status actually is.

So, I hope you'll stop by and read this guest post.

Debbie Petras
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  1. I just read your "guest post", and unfortunately what you say is true. However, all those "things" that we are filling ourselves with--whether food, possessions, whatever--are not what will ever fill the empty holes in our hearts.

    If you would, stop by "The Power of Your Love" and read what I have written today. Goes right along with your post. And I also have done several different posts on how to go about having a quiet time previously.

    Good post, and congratulations of being a guest!!


  2. How cool to be a guest writer! Congrats on that! I enjoyed the post. You are so right about us trying to fill voids with everything at the tips of our fingers. I am guilty with just about everything you listed. I've been there and done that. I still probably do it sometimes because it is easier to do something in the natural vs. nurturing a relationship with the Lord.

    I pray God will lead just the right people to this post.

    Bless you Debbie!

  3. Debbie,

    There was a time in my life when I looked to other people...specifically, other men, to validate me as a person because of the lack of a father figure in my life. I'm so glad that I understand who I am in Christ ad no longer look to people...nor pleasing them for satisfaction.

    You are a gifted writer, my friend. I'm glad to see you being used mightily by God!

  4. I enjoyed reading your guest post!

  5. How cool you were a guest post on Lynn's blog! I greatly enjoyed reading it and my quiet time is one of my goals this year, I end last yr strongly but was not strong all year. This year, I want it to be no matter what tidal wave hits, I NEED to spend time in the morning adjusting my perspective on things.

  6. This is something we all need to think about.

  7. i read your guest post too ... all i can say is AMEN ...

    that is exactly something that the Lord has taught me (i was a slow student!) over the years ... and i am a more joyful person for learning the lesson ...

    blessings on ya!

  8. Debbie I have some additional questions that concern me about my dad's recovery, can you give me your email. Porcalla@comcast.net

  9. Congratultion Debbie for your 'guest post'!


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