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American Idol Is Back!

American Idol is back! Season 8 began in Phoenix and since that's where I live ...I had to watch. I haven't been a fan of the show since the beginning. But my dad enjoys watching it and sharing his opinions. So now, my hubby and I tune in.

They've added a new judge this season. Her name is Kara DioGuardi and I have to admit that I'd never heard of her. She's a singer and a song writer. I'm sure I'd recognize some of her songs but I don't remember seeing her before.

Why choose to audition for American Idol? Well, the contestants obviously believe they have talent and can sing. Some were encouraged by their family and friends. Others seemed to want to be on the stage in front of a huge audience and be noticed. In today's society, it seems to be about having their 30 seconds of fame which is sad to me.

There were several contestants who stood out to me from last night's show. I thought the bikini gal was kind of sad. It was a singing contest and she auditioned in a very tiny bikini and certainly got noticed. She's only 20 years old and I kept wondering what her parents might be thinking or ...did they care? So many young women use their bodies to get what they want. It's a very revealing insight into our world's values.

But two of the contestants stood out in a good way for me. One was 23 year old Scott McIntyre of Scottsdale. He is almost completely blind and yet he chooses to not allow his disability to hold him back. He plays the piano beautifully and I thought he had a great voice. It reminded me of Jennifer Rothschild, a Christian speaker, author and singer. Jennifer went completely blind as a teenager and has not allowed her blindness to hold her back from being about the work God has called her to do. People like this inspire me!

The second contestant that stood out to me was 16 year old Arianna Afjor. She won me over when she talked about how she organized a group of teens to sing at the local nursing homes. As a nurse, I know how lonely and difficult it can be for older people in nursing facilities and for a teen to take time to do this, well she's OK in my book.

So, what did you think about American Idol? Who stood out to you from last night's show? Would you choose to allow your son or daughter to audition if they had talent to sing?
Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie,

    Arianna and Scott stood out to me too! I wonder if it is just out Christian values? I wanted to change the channel when bikini girl was there but my husband and I sat and talked with our son and made him look away while we talked about how she was 'void' inside and did not know her value as a human being....so chose to use her body.

    My son was taken how she went right up to Ryan without knowing him and kissed him.

    I'm looking forward to this season..I love to see the talent God bestows upon people and how they use it. It's hard to watch the good with the bad...we try to weed it out for Josh's sake and try to point things out for him to be award of and to divert his eyes when possible. We love to see him do it on his own too.

    Blessings to you, my friend. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I saw just a small part of the show but I like it. My friend has TVO so she usually just shows me the best parts. It is a great way to watch TV!

  3. I have watched it in the past but not recently. I never have liked the name, it gets me that it has idol in the name and how the winners become idols to the fans. I know that isn't the case with everyone who watches it but I just don't like the name.

  4. Yep, the kids you mentioned are the contestants who stood out to me -- except for the poor guy with the very deep voice. My goodness!

    God bless that girl in the bikini. One day she will probably look back at that and be so ashamed. I wish I could "undo" many things from my past.

    David and I love American Idol for some reason. :o)


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