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Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Have you spent money on exercise equipment and then hardly ever used it? The stationary bike that you were going to use every day… now sits accumulating dust.

How about those infomercials that entice you to buy the exercise DVDs, promising to get you in the best shape? I’ve picked up my phone or ordered them online many times. Check out the evidence in this picture.

Now, I’m not saying that if you use them, they won’t work …because they do work. But the problem is; you have to use them.

Take a look at my garage. I have a mountain bike, an electric bike (I used to use this in Flagstaff when I had a hard time keeping up with Greg on the hills), and a regular 10 speed bike. I hardly ever use any of them now.

I hate to even mention the inline skates that are in the storage cabinet. I did roller blade for a time ... but haven’t done that type of exercise in quite a while.

My snow skis are also stored away. I think the last time I went skiing was on my honeymoon and that was 24 years ago!

I’ve found that the majority of the time I stick with two types of exercise. My treadmill is my standby. It makes no difference what the weather is like outside. I have no excuses because it’s convenient and I can distract myself by watching TV. (If you look closely at the TV screen, you’ll see I’m watching the cable Fox News channel.)

My other favorite exercise is hiking. However, I can’t hike in Phoenix all year round. The summer is too hot, unless I get outside at 4 in the morning and then it’s too dark. But during our mild winters, I love to get outdoors and hike.

So, what’s my point?

Don’t spend a bunch of money on exercise equipment you’ll never use.
  • Try a dance class first before signing up for a year.

  • Share your exercise videos with your friends to try them out first.

  • If you think biking will become your passion, buy a used bike so you can test the waters before spending lots of money on a more equipped model.

Come on, I know you must have some stories of your own. What's collecting dust in your house? Or was there some exercise equipment that you purchased and are using on a consistent basis?

Debbie Petras
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  1. I have bought so many things over the years and signed up to so many gym memberships to help me exercise - but the thing that helped me loose weight the most was a walk in the morning before breakfast and a walk after dinner every day. The best thing about walking is thats it's free! Now, if only I could take my own advice and make the time ;) But, I am making changes every day for a better, healthier life, thanks to Heart Choices. ;D

  2. I can't say anything about the exercise equipment ... but I can say Yay to Fox News!

    Blessings to you this evening!

  3. I have a bunch of videos. I liked having the variety when I was exercising constistantly. Now my husband uses the tae bo ones.

  4. All right Debbie.........yes, I am thinking about buying a bike - a pink one, and I would like for it to have a bell and a basket. And yes, I'd like to join a dance class. And of course I have equipment in my garage - I'm selling it at the next yard sale! How about an exercise mat, and one of those balls? Are you kidding, I've got it all, videos too. Trouble is, I still have all the weight I started off with, but not nearly enough room in my house to store all the stuff I've bought to "get in shape." Oh well, what can I say......I'm hanging in there, trying not to obsess over it, but strike that healthy balance. However..........I do think I would look cute on a pink bicycle; it's just the view from the rear that I'm not sure the rest of the world is ready for!
    Love you.

  5. Excellent & true post. My good old stand-byes are my swim goggles, bathing cap and suit. Pretty inexpensive! I once bought a hand cycle (very expensive) and NEVER used it. I bet many people have these stories. We do have a stationary bike that we've had since 1990 that my husband still uses every day in the winter.

  6. I have to admit that a conversation with my friend Helen (hk) was the stimulus for writing this post. Walking and swimming are great aerobic exercises, l-jay and Meg. Debra, you hang in there and yay Fox. bp- I want to encourage you to start doing something that you enjoy. It's often hard to get back into the habit if you've stopped.

    Thank you all for your comments. :)

  7. Simple and true. Very good post Debbie. Thank you.

  8. Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo tapes. Love him, but truly, I can't keep up. I've tried, and might even pull them out again because of this post, but for me, running and walking is the key.


  9. If you can name it, I've just about bought some type of it in the last 20 years! My latest purchase was "Hip Hop Abs"! Me... after 2 back surgeries... thinking I would do something like that! I thought it would be fun, but (after telling my pre-teens I was learning some new moves to try out at their school dance), my children convinced me to return it and get back on the treadmill! :-)

  10. Thank u r information


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