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Walk For Good Program

Are you ready to exercise? My sneakers are not a very pretty sight. But at least you can see they definitely get used! I've been so busy lately but I do try to get in my 40 minutes at least 5-6 days a week on my Treadmill. I know it can get boring but I have a TV set positioned so I can watch the latest news or cooking show while I'm exercising. I know, my husband laughs at me when I'm watching Giada cook those fabulous Italian meals as I exercise for my health. And did I happen to mention so I look better and don't get fat? After all, we need some motivation.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Cleveland Clinic and Google were teaming up to encourage people to walk. Check it out here. You can download a workout schedule along with videos and articles to support the whole concept. Even though I already exercise, I decided to do this to see how they would educate and try to motivate people to stick with the program for 15 weeks.

For me, Sunday was the day my program was to begin. Now usually I will skip exercise on Sundays but when I noticed the schedule on my Home Page, I figured I'd better "just do it". I had to enter the amount of time and the speed I walked. So I was accountable. I can tell you that having to write it down is a good motivator. They chart your progress which I think is great.

I watched the short video they provided. The doctor used each letter of the word "walk". She said that W was for where or when to walk, A was for attitude and the benefits to walking, L stood for lifestyle and how to make this change and K was for keeping on going with this challenge. There was an article that described the many benefits exercise can offer for your health.

Exercise is a choice and this one is definitely a choice that will help your heart. I know we all keep busy schedules but it is so important. I know I feel so much better when I exercise. I feel like I've accomplished something and I know it increases my metabolic rate so I burn more calories...and I can eat more (I wish).

Debbie Petras
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  1. You are right about how exercising makes you feel better. I try to walk at least two miles every morning. I spend the first part of my walk just praising the Lord. Then I begin to pray for the needs of others. It also gives me time to observe God's wonderful creqation.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I love combining my exercise with prayer. Thanks for sharing.


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