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Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday! I had the opportunity to visit my dad last week in Florida and I was grateful for that time, however brief it was.

I am forever grateful for a dad who always made me feel very special. I never doubted that he loved me. I was always so proud that my birthday opened the month of February on the 1st and my dad closed the month on the 28th. As a child, I observed my dad's talent for art. It was a hobby of his but I remember receiving my first artist kit and trying to paint as he did. My attempts were not very successful but I find myself drawn to beautiful works of art and sceneries. Instead, I enjoy photography.

I used to think my dad was too strict when he enforced the rules in my teenage years. If I wasn't home at the specific time he gave me, he came looking for me. This could be quite embarassing when I was still at the school dance with friends. But I know he did it out of love and concern for me.

My dad also wanted to meet my friends and he and my mother encouraged me to bring them to our home. I had the opportunity to get together with many friends from my high school recently and many of them remembered my parents and our open home. We had many fun times! I had one "boyfriend" named Danny who called me everyday. My dad took great joy in singing "Oh, Danny Boy" every single time he called. My dad also has a great singing voice. I never inherited that talent unfortunately.

Life with Dad wasn't perfect but I always knew without a doubt that I was special to him and that he loved me. So many women never knew that from their fathers and I'm amazed at how that can impact their relationships. So, thank you Dad. I love you too! Happy Father's Day!
Debbie Petras
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  1. Very nice and touching words for your dad. Good parents are the most valuable assets we have as human beings.

  2. Debbie,

    I, unfortunately, never did ever meet your dad, but he seems to be a very loving, caring and devoted person to his children. Don't you think that be overprotected and being embarassed at the dances was earnestly with love and sincerity? I do. When I got drunk one time cause I had a major crush on Jimmy Larsen and was driving on my lawn and making a fool of myself, my dad had my older sister Nancy with her very large, strong boyfriend, come to the High School Dance and I was very quietly removed from the dance, no questions asked, because I knew better. My father was very strict and very Italian. I did not argue with my dad. I totally respected him and knew, like you, he did this out of his heart. P.S., I really enjoyed the reunion and seeing all of you. God Bless You and it was a pleasure to meet Steve again. All my love, Liz

  3. I appreciate you sharing Liz. I do think our dads had our best interests at heart. I loved seeing you too at the reunion.


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