Thursday, August 13, 2015

How is God Calling You to Say Yes?

How is God calling you to say yes? That is the question posed by Bonnie of Faith Barista for this week's Beloved Brews Thursday.

I must confess. The first thought that went through my head was this.

"Oh no, now I have to say yes to do something God wants me to do and ...I'm so tired."

But maybe God is calling me to say yes to how He wants me to live. Resting in Him.

I tend to feel very capable and rise to the occasion for whatever task I encounter. I make my lists. I write out my goals. I work quickly.

After all, I just finished working a long hot summer as the Site Leader for our school's summer camp. Triple digit temperatures and lots of children can be tiring. I worked long hours doing what was required. As I got into the spirit of summer camp, I enjoyed so many aspects of my job. But once the summer came to a close, there were only a few days to rest prior to the start of a new school year.

I'm so fortunate to have lovely friends who rent a home every summer in Carmel, California. This is a place that nurtures my soul. They sent me a plane ticket to spend a few days with them. It was just what I needed.

Every morning I took long walks on the beach savoring the cool ocean breeze. I love the sound of the surf pounding the shore. Dogs run freely as they jump into the ocean to retrieve a ball. I had time to sit and read and to pray. Time to reflect. Time to do nothing. Time to rest.

One evening my friends and I went to Mission Ranch. They have a restaurant that is situated on 22 acres with views of Point Lobos, Carmel River Beach and the Pacific Ocean. The resort had been rescued from condo developers by Clint Eastwood, the former Mayor of Carmel. We were seated at a table overlooking sheep grazing in a meadow. The sound of live piano music brought a smile to my face.

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me." 
John 10:27 (NIV)

As I watched the sheep, they reminded me of passages from Scripture. I watched as the sheep began to move slowly towards a gate. The 'shepherd' opened the gate for them. They knew him. They trusted him and entered as they were fed and provided for.

I want to live so close to Jesus that I hear His voice and follow Him. I want to enter His rest even as I live and breathe and go about my life. Whether I am working as a preschool teacher or as a nurse or writing a book or being a good employee, friend or wife. I want to live resting in Him, trusting Him to provide for me.

Hebrews 4 describes entering the rest of God. I've been drawn to these passages and read books about these passages. But I want to live these passages.

God is calling me to say yes to enter His rest.

Even as I go about my day, I can still enter His rest. As I obey Him and trust Him, He guides me. This is what I want for my life.

How about you? What is God calling you to say yes to?

I'm linking up with Bonnie of Faith Barista for Beloved Brews Thursday.

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Blessings and love,

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Sonja Goodson said...

Ditto... ditto... and ditto!! You said it for me too Debbie, all of the above.

I've missed 'talking' with you this summer. It has gone by so fast. We are neck and neck in the weight loss this summer. :)

Love you sister!

Marsha Young said...

Yes, we do "make our lists, work quickly", etc. - and sometimes so much so that we have forgotten to check with Him, to see whether we are working on the best things. :) Happy Sunday, Debbie

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Am I a kid or what?

Am I a kid or what?

I love this place...Carmel, CA

I love this place...Carmel, CA