Monday, June 9, 2014

How Authentic Should Bloggers Be?

How authentic are you? Do you portray yourself online in a certain way so people will think you have it all together? Or are you hiding your real self behind a mask?

Blogging has opened up a new world for me. I've made so many online friends. My 'real life' friends don't always understand. But when you read someone's posts for a time you get a glimpse into their heart. And friendships form. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of my blogging friends in person and I have to say I've never been disappointed.

There are bloggers who pour out all their troubles for all to see. As a Christian, I always want to be aware of the words I write. I never write anything about my husband unless we've discussed it together. If I chose to write something personal about myself, that's one thing. But I do think we need to be careful when what we write involves another person.

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Blessings and love,

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Marsha Young said...

Debbie, So true. Awareness - and kindness - those go a long way toward
being genuine while still being respectful of others, don't you think?
Blessings to you - Marsha

Sonja Goodson said...

Your honesty is always 'laced with grace' Debbie. I have such respect for your life my friend, and I thank you and appreciate you. There's a lot of wisdom in how you handle your writing and your life.

Love you much!

Felisol said...

Writing and blogging mean sharing. Sharing feelings, thoughts, belief and experiences. I include my close family in my bloggs. They are always here, so that I may ask permission in advance.

Friends and distant family, not so much. There's a thin red line one shouldn't pass.

Like you I like bogging, because I honestly do not think of an audience or to please, but to share what's important to me.

When life is too full of things I cannot share, that's when my voice grows silent.

I love my blog friends because they do not pretend or visit to be polite, they come willingly because they care.

What a marvelous invention.

Cindy said...

I started out blogging as a way of journaling but I confess more and more I feel like the odd man out compared to other bloggers because I have nothing profound to share. My life is simple (i.e. boring! lol), I'm not a speaker, I don't have a book published, I don't have a decorator home to showcase in my posts, I don't even like to cook that much so no foodie posts with magazine-worthy pictures of my daily baking project. Sometimes honesty just isn't the pretty, warm-fuzzy stuff people want to read.

rcubes said...

Heading over there

rcubes said...

I love to share what God teaches me at work yet I always pray that I don't sound so great of a nurse because I'm not. I pray for Him to help me before I post anything so that He is the One glorified. Because I want to encourage others. A lot I can't disclose like my own pain because I believe also in looking for those positive than the negative. It's difficult to feel joyful in the midst of the storm but through sharing, my own post becomes my own devotional. Like yours, too sister Debby. I am careful also with what I post especially I can't share pics because of what I do and that of my hubby. Then, I realize, as followers, a lot of those who had gone before us were never famous because it is Jesus others see through them. That is my hope. That is my prayer that through blogging, I am able to serve the Lord. Blessings to you sister. God bless.

Pia said...

Blogging is a whole new world for me. I can pour out my heart there if I want to, but I only write what I don't mind letting the whole world know about me. Writing about other people is another thing. You're right in saying that we should be careful.

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