Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do You Have a Personal Trainer?

Do you have a personal trainer?  In the pursuit of getting back in shape, having a personal relationship with someone who can work with you and encourage you can be so beneficial.  

However, my personal trainer isn't like one you may have imagined. You know the exercise guru who is in the best shape at the gym.  My inspiration is a four year old little boy.

  • Sam asks me if I exercised today.  
  • Sam tells me we should do exercise.  
  • Sam and Sawyer drop to the ground at my feet on the playground and start doing mountain climbers.  
The energy these kids have is amazing!  I laugh and laugh ...

But I think about Sam when I get home.  It would be so easy to simply sit and relax.  After all, I've had a busy day working with three and four year old children.  I do get some exercise.

But I know I need to get on that treadmill.  So I take my Kindle and prop it so I can read while I'm working out.  And when I'm done I feel better.  And I have more energy.  How about that?

So who is motivating you to get in shape?  What's your reason for wanting to be healthy?  Do you have a personal trainer?

Blessings and love,

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Dawn Paoletta said...

A partner for exercise is a good thing! Ecclesiastes 4:10...;) They help each other "up" and at it!

Nancy said...

What a great point....yes, wanting to be physically fit so I can keep up with my grandchildren is my motivation....I want to be healthy so I can play and run with them.....

Brandy said...

I have worked out for 20 years since I lost 80 pounds. It is now a part of my life. Right now I train at my home because I want to be with my kids and save money. Im currently using youtube to load free workout videos!!

Anonymous said...

I love this Debbie, so cute, funny, yet true! Exercise partners are important for motivation. Fortunately, I can't get out of many of my workouts since I'm committed to leading others in classes; in a way, they are all my exercise trainers! :) Keep up the good work!

Dianne said...

He's the cutest personal trainer I've ever seen--

Love this post!

Lea Culp said...

Oh, no, never had a Personal Trainer. I guess I'm just self motivated to try and stay in shape and take good care of myself. My parents were both highly disciplined people, so that helped to cultivate it in me. Glad you've got such sweet inspiration!

Ashley Ditto said...

I love my kindle, I know what you mean! He is so cute!

myletterstoemily said...

my trainer is nearly that cute!

Smelling Coffee said...

Love it! I need a little Sam in my life ;)

YOU are keeping me motivated. It is so hard when tired at the end if the day... But I'm trying to press on!

Love you, Debbie,

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