Sunday, November 21, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

I can't believe how quickly children grow up, especially when they aren't my own.  :)

Gabriella was in my first class as a childrens' leader for Bible Study Fellowship.  She was five years old at the time.  Isn't she cute?

This is Gabriella with her mom Marlene.  She is 16 years old now!  (Her mom is a teaching leader for BSF in Phoenix, AZ)

Marlene invited me to attend Horizon High School Choir's presentation of "Broadway Under the Stars: Heroes vs Villians".  Gabriella was performing with the Show Divas.  They danced and sang to a medley of "Gonna Fly Now" Theme from Rocky
"Eye of the Tiger"

They were so talented and ...oh so young!

I loved it!

Show Divas Group Photo 2010

I was so thankful for this opportunity to see Gabriella once again.  She's grown up so fast.  I love that she's been taught so well.

Blessings and love,

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myletterstoemily said...

i bet you have had a profound impact on
this lovely young lady's life! i used to so
look up to Godly women my mom's age,
especially when they took an interest in


Debbie said...

That absolutely darling little girl has grown into a truly beautiful young lady...How wonderful the impact on her life you must have had. Glad you got to do this. HUGS

Ann Nichols said...

You are so right! Our friends kids do seem to grow up so fast. The really strange thing for me is when I see young men or women who say Hi to me at the stores as if I should know them and I don't recognize them as the young boys and girls who used to play in front of my house! They just change too fast!
Blessings for a wonderful week!

Jess said...

Oh yes! The children in our lives are on a fast track to adulthood. That's why I am so sad to be missing the early years of my grandchildren!
Thank you for investing in the lives of so many. God's Love truly shines through you and I echo the above comment: you have had a godly impact of many.
Oh, we have BSF in common!!!
I attended my first class in the spring of 1982. I've attended classes in 3 different states!
And am enjoying the new Isaiah study. Praise GOD!

Karen said...

Hi Debbie! Kids do sure grow up fast. It's hard to believe that my son will be turning 18 in a few weeks!

Because you subscribed to my blog, I wanted to stop by and let you know that I had my ministry site and blog totally re-designed. Part of the process involved moving the blog to be part of the ministry site. Therefore, that means subscribers will have to re-subscribe. If you'd like to continue to be subscribed to my blog, then just hop on over to my new site and re-subscribe. Here's the link:

Truth and Grace Ministries

The Bible study on praise that I was thinking about doing on my blog has been put on hold for now. We'll actually be beginning a study on God's love next week. I'll be posting the introduction to that study tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cindy said...

I enjoyed this post. It's wonderful how you've been able to influence the lives of other young people!

LisaShaw said...

I so enjoyed reading this Debbie. They do grow up quickly. We went today to overnight our last one at home, applications to two Christian colleges. It caused me to pause and wonder...where has all the time gone?

Beautiful photos!

Praying you and Greg have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving my friend. Keeping you in prayer. Love you.

Moments of Grace said...


I loved your post of today and your photos of Gabriella. She is, indeed, a beautiful young woman. Isn't it a privilege to be able to have an impact on a child's life.?

You bless me so much, my friend. Please keep me in your prayers as I do you.

In Grace,

Godsgalnj said...

I never used to like it when adults say that about me, haha. But I experienced it myself when I couldn't take my eyes off of this 12 year old - I knew her when she could barely walk and then the next minute, she's a young woman. I really couldn't get over how much she'd grown!

So I can relate, lol. She is a beautiful young woman =)

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! =)

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