Heart Choices: June 2014

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How Will You Respond to our Country's Problems?

I watch the news.  I follow world events. I observe how our elected President of the United States responds to the issues confronting our nation today.

It would be so easy to give in to fear.

I wake up early each morning. After making a cup of coffee, I sit quietly reading my Bible. I spend time in prayer. I often sit on my front patio as I listen to the sound of the birds chirping before most of my neighbors awaken. I smell the blooming flowers in my little garden. And I thank the Lord for His presence in my life. I pray for guidance and wisdom. I pray for our country and yes, even our President.

There has been a heaviness on my heart lately. The Scripture that kept coming to my mind was from 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Politics can't solve our country's problems. Money can't solve our country's problems. The military can't solve our country's problems.

I did a nonscientific search on Google to see how many Americans claim to be Christian. It seems to be between 77-80%. I don't believe that all of those people are true believers and have submitted their lives to Jesus Christ. Only God knows their hearts. But it seems that there are many believers in the US.

If only believers would  ...

  • Read their Bible
  • Obey what the Bible says
  • Pray for our nation's leaders
  • Pray for our cities
  • Pray for our churches
  • Live out what they claim to believe
As I was in the process of writing this post, I just 'happened' to receive an email. Joel Rosenberg's blog had the following headline:

Anne Graham Lotz & new Southern Baptist Convention president call for urgent prayer for a Third Great Awakening.

Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) also has a burden for the church. She has called for An Urgent Call to Prayer

I am not burying my  head in the sand. I believe our country needs to take a stand. I support our military and the sacrifice they make to defend our country. I believe we need to pray for our elected officials.

So I ask you a question. How will you respond to our country's problems?

Blessings and love,


The Gift of a Loving Dad

Father's Day has come and gone. My dad lives in Florida and I'm in Arizona. So I didn't get to spend the day with him. But as I reflect back on our relationship through the years, I can't help but feel grateful. Having a loving dad seems to be rare these days.

My dad has always been there for me. We've gone through our ups and downs of course. But I never doubted his love for me.

Even when I was a teenager and dating, he and my mom insisted on meeting every guy I went out with. My dad would quietly press a dime into my hand before leaving; just in case I needed to call home. I know I'm dating myself but they really used to have pay phones that cost 10 cents to make a call. And I never doubted that he would answer and pick me up if I was in need, no matter what the time.
When I was recruited for a job in Phoenix, my dad was the one who drove cross country with me. We laughed and talked about my future.

When my dad was 60 years old, he suffered a major heart attack. I vividly remember receiving the phone call and flew back. Seeing him in the hospital with an intra-aortic balloon pump assisting his failing heart, I cried silently. Praise God that after open heart surgery, 13 angioplasties, an implantable defibrillator and a pacemaker, he's still going strong at 85 years old!

I have a memory of my strong father that I want to share. He is a man of faith, although he isn't very vocal about it. He went through years of rebellion when he was younger. But he's returned to the faith he learned of since childhood and prays and reads his larger script Bible.

Dad called me after being discharged from the hospital. He rarely cried but this time he was all choked up as he told me of a young man in the hospital bed next to his. The man had been given bad news from the doctor. My dad couldn't help but overhear this conversation of cancer that had spread without much hope. When the doctor left, my dad pulled back the curtain separating their two beds. He listened as this young man shared some of his life and his despair and hopelessness regarding his future. My dad said he couldn't help but share the Good News of the Gospel. He told him there is hope in Jesus Christ. They prayed together and as my dad related this story to me on the phone ...he cried.

My dad recently visited me after staying with his sister in California. My Aunt Ruth had given him a gift; my grandfather's worn Bible. It was a treasure to my dad and one he will read.

I can't help but come back to the Scripture of Proverbs 22:6.
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

I have witnessed this in the life of my father. So while I'm writing this post to share of the love of my dad, I'm also writing to encourage others. Do not give up on loved ones. Maybe you've taught your children about Jesus and they're not walking with Him now. Keep praying and live out a life of love in front of them. Let His light shine through you to others.

And Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! I love you Dad.

Blessings and love,


How Authentic Should Bloggers Be?

How authentic are you? Do you portray yourself online in a certain way so people will think you have it all together? Or are you hiding your real self behind a mask?

Blogging has opened up a new world for me. I've made so many online friends. My 'real life' friends don't always understand. But when you read someone's posts for a time you get a glimpse into their heart. And friendships form. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of my blogging friends in person and I have to say I've never been disappointed.

There are bloggers who pour out all their troubles for all to see. As a Christian, I always want to be aware of the words I write. I never write anything about my husband unless we've discussed it together. If I chose to write something personal about myself, that's one thing. But I do think we need to be careful when what we write involves another person.

To continue reading, please link over to Laced with Grace.

Blessings and love,


How Do You Get Deep Rest in Your Soul When Life is Busy?

Deep rest for my soul sounds so inviting. But what do I do when I have duties and responsibilities that keep me so busy? I long for that deep soul rest. But in this season of my life, things have changed. I'm working longer hours with more responsibility. 

In the midst of my busyness ...I crave soul rest.

I've been reading Bonnie Gray's book "Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest" and I wonder. Can I still have soul rest during this season?

I have to laugh at how God answers my prayers. I was driving home after working an 11 hour day at summer camp. It was a hot day with triple digit heat. And all day I had to be energetic and upbeat working with the children and camp counselors. I was tired. 

But as I was driving home on the freeway, I suddenly became more aware of my surroundings. The traffic wasn't too heavy and I noticed the beauty of the mountains. I could see the downtown Phoenix city buildings in the distance. The skies were clear. 

I felt that nudge deep in my soul. Soul rest. God was opening my eyes to the beauty of His creation. And I noticed.

I thanked the Lord and I smiled.  

Despite my busyness and fatigue, Jesus knew what I needed. He is so faithful. 

How about you? Have you experienced moments when God has opened your eyes in the midst of your busyness? Do you take the time to thank Him? 

It might be a child looking up to you and smiling. A smile that can melt a person's heart. Maybe it's a hummingbird that flutters its wings so rapidly. A beautiful sunrise or sunset or a phone call from a dear friend. 

Will you share a moment with me? I encourage you to be open for those special moments and to thank God for them. 

Blessings and love,


What Are Your Plans for the Summer?

What are you doing this summer? I get to spend my summer with lots of children!

If you've been wondering where I've been lately, our school's summer camp started immediately. On Friday May 23rd I was saying goodbye to our Pre-K 3 students. And on Saturday and Sunday I was in training for summer camp.  I was honored to be chosen as the Site Leader but it comes with more responsibilities. And I take them seriously. After all, I want this summer camp to be FUN and SAFE for the kids and staff.

Our first week began the day after Memorial Day. We started with a group of preschool children and the theme was Star Wars. What fun to be Jedi's. We even had a dunk tank and an official mascot.

Years ago, I was a graduate assistant for the Dale Carnegie speaking program. We had to demonstrate all kinds of speeches, including extemporaneous talks. I've also attended Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar conferences. After all, I used to motivate heart patients to make healthier lifestyle choices. What I didn't realize at the time was that I'd be using those skills with little children!

I get to take charge of our daily morning Camp meetings which includes singing with a microphone! I'm not much of a singer but ...I have lots of enthusiasm. And the kids don't seem to mind.

While I might enjoy a vacation at the beach, instead you can find me singing songs like "Boom Chicka Boom" and "Great Big Moose".

So what are your plans for the summer?

Blessings and love,

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