Heart Choices: 2008-06-29

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In Memory of My Mom

Today would have been my mom's 79th birthday. Unfortunately, she died a little over three years ago, which was too early as far as I was concerned. But my mom lived with great physical pain the last years of her life and so I'm glad that she is relieved of that discomfort. She was such a special person, even though I know I am biased. When I spoke at her funeral service, many people came up to me to tell me how special she really was. I am so thankful for her influence in my life and I miss her very much.

My mom had such a love for her family. She loved holidays, family get togethers, reading cookbooks and trying new recipes. She loved babies, clothes, hats, playing the piano and singing. She was proud of her Norwegian heritage. She loved to read, do needlepoint, knit and crochet. She loved to play practical jokes and enjoyed laughing. Sometimes it was difficult to know how much pain she was suffering because she refused to give in to it. Instead, she would tell a joke to focus the attention elsewhere. Besides being so beautiful on the outside, my mom was beautiful on the inside. I can have peace about her passing because I know where she is; in the loving hands of the Father. And one day I know I will see her again.

I'm Too Tired to Exercise!

You've probably heard it so many times. You know you need to exercise but...I'm too tired, I don't have the time, I hate to do it. You know all the excuses. You start out the New Year with a plan and somehow by the end of the first week or two...well, you got too busy or too tired or bored with the monotony of exercising. I know the excuses. I've heard them before and I've used them myself!

When I was working as a cardiovascular nurse, I worked with people who had heart disease or were at significant risk. For them, exercise was like a prescription. It was vital to their health and yet they still had some of the same excuses. Often people will be so scared after an initial coronary event that they'll do whatever the medical people tell them. But as time goes on, and they are feeling better, the same excuses come in.

I used to tell the patients to think of exercise as an appointment. Schedule it for a specific time and just do it! If a friend calls and wants to go shopping, do it after your exercise appointment. I would also remind them that you wouldn't leave the house without brushing your teeth. Well, don't leave the house without doing some exercise...unless you're going to the gym.

Believe it or not, exercise gives you more energy. It increases your metabolic rate and improves your endurance over time. Start with ten minutes of walking at a pace that you can tolerate, if you're just starting. Exercise is also a choice; a choice that can impact your life is a positive way for your heart and your overall well being.

So, just do it!!!!
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