Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Other Words Tuesday ~ Amazing Love

It's In Other Words Tuesday and Patricia of Typing One-Handed is our host for this week.

Here's the quote that Patricia chose for us to wrote on today:

When I spend some time really thinking about how much God loves me ...I become overwhelmed.

Who am I that He should love me so?

So many people grow up never feeling loved.  I've recently begun working in a private school teaching little children.  As I gaze at their beautiful faces, I wonder.  Do they feel loved?

Too often children grow up feeling as though they must earn love.  Yes, children must be disciplined (in love) and taught to do what's right.  But do they feel the unconditional love of knowing that no matter what ...they are loved?

As I grow in my relationship with the Lord, I learn that He loves me forever. 

Think about this:
  • Even when I wander, He tugs at my heart. 
  • Even when I sin, He's forgiven me. 
  • He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.
  • I know that I am a child of God.
So what is my response to this overwhelming love?

Do I want to take advantage of this love and become lazy and give in to whatever my flesh craves?

No way! 

God's amazing love ...sets me free!

I can live my life knowing in my heart that I am truly loved and cared for and in response:
  • I obey Him
  • I love Him back
  • I love others more easily
How do you respond to God's amazing love for you?

Blessings and love,
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Cindy said...

Nothing humbles me more than God's love for me. My biggest struggle at times is accepting that it truly is unconditional no matter what I do. We humans don't always do that well so I have to keep reminding myself that his love is perfect, always.

p.s. I'm having another cookbook giveaway at my book blog if you're interested.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Oh I love that graphic for being set free - AMEN!

I have learned this year that obeying God is the truest reflection of my love for Him!

I love you Debbie!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Greg!

Sandy said...

I respond to His amazing love
by singing to Him. I am lifted
into His presence when I praise
Him in word or song but there's
just something about singing
His praises that He and I really
Love & Prayers,

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Just recently I have been reading about God's love and our response back in my John Piper devotional...what an awesome God we serve and His love amazes me.

Enjoy those little ones...it saddens me to see that so many today are loved through possessions instead of time and then they grow so fast and those possessions didn't replace the love they were wanting.

I am so glad God loves me enough to take the time with me and not just give me possessions.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! May this be a very special time for you and Greg!

Debbie said...

His UNCONDITIONAL love for me is overwhelming (as you said) and something in my humaness (is this a word? haha) I have a hard time getting my head around sometimes. But it fills me with a joy and a love for others that I know could only be coming from Him. Left to myself I know I wouldn't experience a love for the unlovable that I do sometimes. I worked in a school (though it was elementary) for 10 years. How hard it was to watch some of those kids who were starved for just someone to pay a little attention to them. People are soo busy anymore with trying to stay afloat of all the things they "think" they have to have. It is sad. I'd love to have the energy to still work with kids. Nothing better in my book. Have a wonderful thanksgiving Debbie! HUGS

Marsha Young said...

So true! God's love sets us free - and that gift of His love makes us want to be closer to HIm. Those children are so fortunate to have you in their lives. God Bless you - Marsha Young

Marsha Young said...
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Karen said...

That was really good. God's love is amazing and its hard to grasp sometimes how amazing it is. Its something our kids need to be introduced to more than anything.

Joan Davis said...

God's love is truly amazing. I know I don't deserve it and that makes His love even more valuable! My response to His love is to love Him back! I pray that in all I say and in all I do, I bring Him joy. I long to please Him with my life and to serve Him each day. I know that sometimes I fail, but it is such a comfort to know that He'll let me get up and try again.

Living for Him, Joan

Beth in NC said...

My mind can't wrap around the love that God has for us. Most love that I've experienced on earth has seemed conditional. It is hard to understand a pure and holy love.

Thank you for sharing Debbie!


Laurie said...

This is such a wonderful post, Debbie, and one that hits home for me. I grew up with conditional love, and it wasn't until our daughters were born that I began to know how to give unconditional love. He showed me how to love my students when I was teaching, hoping that they would see Him in me, and He has taught me how to love others that I do not even know. I may not fully understand God's love, but I love that He never gives up on showing me how He wants me to love others.

Blessings and love to you,

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I love HIM so much and I never cease to amazed at how much HE loves me. This post touched my heart and the child inside of me responsed.

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
After reading your post I looked up my Bible to read some verses from John, the apostle of love, and I could hardly stop reading.
Every stanza is worth reflecting and memorizing.

You are so right; the amazing love of God has set me free.

What a wonder, God loved me while I still was a sinner (to be frank;, I am often still falling and sinning)

But God does not regret his love. James 1:17" the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow."

I know for sure,
1 John.4:19 "We love Him, because He first loved us."

It doesn't matter, what matters is, "His banner over me is love."

I am confident that God has set you in this specific school, to let the children experience this unconditional love.
He so cares for you and for everyone of his smallest.
You are the perfect match.
( And you are right; no need for gym or work outs, when you are surrounded by children).
Have a blessed day.
From Felisol

Cindy said...

Who am I that He loves me so?

I have asked that question about a million times. I cannot wrap my brain around it. Just too big for words.

I love your list of responses. Yes, yes & yes.

Thank you for a wonderful post.

All thru Him

RCUBEs said...

Gratitude seems to be not even enough to describe what I feel for His love for us...So grateful He truly sets us free from many kinds of prison we are locked in.

Happy Thanksgiving sister Debbie as I pray over you and am keeping you in prayers. God bless and protect you.

Siobhan said...

What makes me glad is that God loves me when I'm retarded/crazy/seemingly outa my mind and he ESPECIALLY loves me when i fail. THAT makes me feel extremely SPECIAL and as a child my own dad never really made me feel like that. My ma does however so it's nice for me to know my ma isnt a single parent coz we have God too.

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Debbie,
A very wonderful post! I wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving.

God bless you,
Michele Katherine

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